2 Treadmill world records
zach bitter

100 Miles Treadmill World Record
12 Hours Treadmill World Record

During the virus epidemic in 2020 where people were locked down and confined to their homes, many were forced to keep their training indoors. This was when Zach Bitter decided to attempt the 100 Miles (160km) Treadmill World Record.

Wearing the PURPOSE Elite Racing running top and shorts, the American extreme endurance runner added two more world record achievements to his name on 16 May 2020.

He broke the 100 Miles Treadmill World Record with a time of 12 hours 9 minutes and 5 seconds (over 20 minutes faster than the previous record) and also the 12 Hours Treadmill World Record with a distance of 98.64 miles (158.7 km) at an average pace of an incredible 7:18 per mile (4:32 per km).

This feat was streamed ‘live’ on Zach Bitter’s YouTube Channel with more than 25,000 people all over the world tuned in. 132 virtual runners also ran with Zach through Zoom.

Throughout the entire duration of the record-breaking run, Zach wore the PURPOSE Elite Racing running top and shorts. “I wore the same kit the entire day; PURPOSE makes it easy to do so. The singlet I had on is light and feels soft, so I hardly know it is there. The shorts are also light and don't catch on my legs while running, and I love to be able to use my own liner and not feel like there is something bulky pulled over it,” Zach said.

The PURPOSE Elite Racing running top and shorts that Zach is made of HYPERMESH™ ELT advanced fabric technology. The HYPERMESH™ ELT is constructed of multiple types technical fabric with 80% polyamide/20% elastane made with multiple mesh fabric in the one top.

This fabric is chosen for its comfort in hot and humid weather, being twice as light compared to its competitors from Europe or Australia in the same category. The fabric lightness is augmented with its weaved-in mesh bubbles throughout the entire fabric swatch, making the top extremely breathable and airy.




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