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Ironman World Championship 2018


An Ironman Triathlon is a long distance triathlon race that includes a 3.8km swim, an 180km bike ride and a full marathon (42.195km) and all three disciplines are done consecutively in this order.

The first ever Ironman Triathlon was held in 1978 in Hawaii and since 1981, the Ironman World Championship has been hosted in Kailua-Kona. The best of the best from around the world – professionals and age groupers – come to this Big Island every year to compete in this prestigious event.

In 2018, Dr Dan Plews won the Ironman World Championship as the overall age group winner with a course record of 8 hours 24 minutes and 36 seconds – wearing our PURPOSE PRO trisuit.

Prior to the race, Dr Plews was doing his research online for a ‘cool’ race suit for hot conditions. “I found out about PURPOSE because I was looking for a suit for Kona. I love the suit because it’s comfortable and most of all, cool. It dissipates the heat really well and keeping cool during hot endurance races is really important,” the British-born New Zealand-based Dr Plews said.

The PURPOSE PRO trisuit that Dr Plews spoke highly about features our proprietary innovation – the HYPERMESHTM PRO advanced fabric technology. Made of fabric and materials sourced from Korea and Europe, the PRO trisuits are built of 79% polyamide/21% elastane with a weave pattern. This gives the trisuit the highest air-flowthrough in any trisuit ever, adding the advantage of regulating the core temperature in extreme heat.

The mix of polyamide and elastane mesh makes the threads and weaves strong and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to be comfortable in hot and humid conditions.




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