Run in HYPERMESH™ - our proprietary fabric technology that is designed to help you beat the heat. This innovative HYPERMESH™ material is built for all kinds of runners as it helps keep your body cool whether in short, long, training or hard runs.

High Performance Running Apparel


Hypermesh ELITE Running Singlet - Feather-Light for Long-Distance Running
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  • Black
  • Midnight Blue
  • Quartz Green
Women PRO Racerback Running Tank Top (Joy)
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    SFuels x Purpose Hypermesh PRO Running Singlet
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      Hypermesh ELITE Running T-Shirt (Quartz Green)
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        Hypermesh ELITE Running T-Shirt (Midnight Blue)
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          Hypermesh ELITE Long Sleeve Running Shirt (Black)
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            How clothing selection improves your performance in hot conditions - from elite coach, sports scientist, Kona Age Group Course Record Holder, and the World’s Fastest Ironman Age Grouper Ever, Dr. Dan Plews.

            Heat Generation for Runners

            Heat is a byproduct of energy metabolism in all training or racing. As our core temperature rises, our heart rate increases and this potentially reduces your physical capacity, whether that be power or speed.

            The Role of Sweat in Cooling

            In response to heat, the body activates sweat to facilitate cooling through evaporation. In high humidity environments sweat evaporation becomes less efficient, hindering your body's natural cooling mechanism.

            The Right Running Apparel for Heat & Humidity

            Optimize your performance in hot & humid conditions by selecting HYPERMESH™ - breathable sports apparel that efficiently wicks and works in sweat. By managing your core body temperature effectively, performance is sustained and your risk of overheating is reduced. 

            OUR TECHNOLOGY

            PURPOSE is committed to developing products that combat the effects of heat and humidity with our proprietary HYPERMESH™ fabric technology. This advanced material features a lightweight construction, exceptional breathability, and rapid sweat-wicking capabilities. These properties help maintain a cool body temperature thereby ensuring maximum performance.

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