Purpose Hypermesh PRO or ELITE. Which is Right for You?

Purpose Hypermesh PRO or ELITE. Which is Right for You?

Both the Hypermesh PRO and ELITE triathlon suit, running and cycling kits are high-performance suits designed for triathletes, runners and cyclists but they do have some key differences. Confused about which is what and how to choose the right one for you? Here's an article which we hope will help you find the right Purpose Performance Wear kit for you.

Made of high-performance, advanced technical fabric, the Hypermesh PRO is made developed for triathletes who demand high-performance and advanced breathability and sweat-wicking features during race day. The HyperMesh Elite is developed for general and elite-level athletes who need the absolute best in terms of materials and technology.

But no doubt, both the PRO and ELITE are suitable for any kinds of triathlon and running races or training. The PRO tri suits are less stretchy and thus provide superior compression. It's so advanced that it's now the go-to triathlon kit of choice for almost every triathlete. Runners, however, will choose the ELITE running model because of its multi-functional properties.

The Hypermesh Pro is made from a unique, high-tensile, lightweight mesh fabric, found only in Purpose triathlon suits, running kits and cycling jerseys, that provides exceptional breathability, moisture and body temperature management, while the HyperMesh Elite is made from lightweight, nylon/spandex, breathable fabric that provides more fabric stretches and better overall protection from the sun.

Both the PRO and ELITE regulate body temperature and wick away sweat especially essential for racing and training in the brutal heat and humidity that we're so used to now.

The Hypermesh PRO has a close-fitting design, with dimples all over that reduce drag and improve performance. Hymermesh ELITE does away with the dimple features, but it comes with better UV protection and less fabric translucency. Both feature a low-profile chamois for comfort during the bike leg of the race. The HyperMesh Elite has a similar close-fitting design but is even more aerodynamic and features a seamless, low-profile chamois for added comfort and performance.

All Hypermesh fabric and triathlon, running and cycling kits components are sourced from Korea, Taiwan and Italy.

To get a better idea, here's a comparison table for the features at a glance.

 Hypermesh PRO Hypermesh ELITE
Fabric Tech 100 gram high-tensile weave with air-flowthrough mesh 120 gram non-weave polyamide/elastane weave
Best-For-Use Racing/Training (Tri suits) Tracks & Intervals Workouts (Running) Training/Racing (Tri Suits) General and Long Distance Running (Running)
Breathability 95/100 80/100
Temperature Management 95/100 75/100
Stretchability 75/100 90/100
Compression 90/100 80/100
UV Protection 3.5/5 4.5/5
Chamois Tech 5/5 5/5
Fabric Source Korea & Taiwan Italy & China

Overall, both the HyperMesh Pro and Elite are high-quality triathlon suits designed for serious athletes. The key differences between them come down to the level of technology and materials used, with the Elite being the top-of-the-line option for those who demand the best of the best.

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