Living with Passion & Purpose: Nicole Iman Appointed CMO

Living with Passion & Purpose: Nicole Iman Appointed CMO

In a strategic move to elevate its global presence Purpose has appointed it's first Chief Marketing Officer - Nicole Iman. Originally from Australia, Nicole has called Singapore home for the past 16 years, and her journey from a tech and finance agency owner, to a beginner triathlete, and now the CMO of Purpose is nothing short of inspiring.

An Unexpected Triathlon Journey 

Nicole's professional journey took an unexpected turn in 2022 when she sold her tech and finance agency, following an unforeseen passion for endurance sport. Despite growing up with an active sports lifestyle, mostly basketball and swimming, early responsibilities led her to work and study full-time from a young age. Initially pursuing a law degree, she later switched to business, and in 2008, a unique opportunity beckoned her to Singapore.

Her move to Singapore, initially a hesitant one, turned out to be life-changing. Now married to a Singaporean with two Singaporean daughters, she laughs at how she came to Singapore with one suitcase thinking she would only be here one year.

Over the years, she built a successful career working with the CEO and Director of Operations at Golden Village, and later took on a Strategic Role with a Japanese advertising agency. It was her transition to freelance B2B copywriting following the birth of her first daughter that marked the start of her entrepreneurial path. 

Nicole's agency experienced a surge in demand during the pandemic, showcasing her ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments. Simultaneously, life threw her some curveballs leading to PTSD, 25kg in weight gain and other health issues. The turning point came when she rediscovered her love for running after being fascinated by the adventures of a family friend. She eventually delved into triathlons after discovering she can still swim following a knee injury that sidelined her from running. The bike, she laughs, is a work in progress after experience a major accident in her teens.

One Triathlon Sprint and No Looking Back

In late 2022 Nicole participated in her first triathlon and basically hasn’t looked back. Since then she’s done more short distance triathlons, 3 marathons, and a 6.5km open water swim event. Nicole also competed in the PTO Asian Open (100km triathlon) in Singapore last year, proudly sharing she came last in her age group and valuing the personal growth and lessons learned along the way.

Nicole credits her progress on the path to triathlons and long distance running to local Singaporean communities like BravoZulu and RunRilexRepeat. These community leaders along with their followers, encouraged and inspired her during the early days of her fitness journey when she only knew one person in the running scene. She also values her time spent in the early days doing strength training with personal trainer Raveen Mannar and credits his invaluable nutritional guidance to her weight loss.

As her curiosity into the world of triathlon grew, Nicole also acknowledges the support she has got from the Singapore Women’s Triathlon Club and Terai Melayu. Both of these triathlon clubs (who get their custom kits from Purpose) have provided crucial support and guidance to her as a newbie, especially in conquering her fear of the bike, and challenging herself in her swims. 

Passion and Purpose Align

Nicole actually came in part-time to Purpose in 2023 as both parties wanted to see if the vision culture and dynamics fit. In this time she has helped Purpose achieve remarkable growth in 2023 and Nicole admires Purpose's commitment to community, respect for employees, and support for remote work while she tries to manage her family and training commitments. Stepping up to CMO, aligns with Nicole's quest for a job that resonates with her values. 

Nicole acknowledges the challenges of balancing training, parenting young kids, and a rapidly growing business - all of which are very unpredictable. She is the first to admit that she doesn’t have it all figured out, but is committed to embracing the juggling act and determined to find a way.

Surprisingly, not one for routine, Nicole emphasizes the need for flexibility, adaptability, and understanding from both employer and family members. The supportive and collaborative environment at Purpose, coupled with the team's shared dedication to passion and purpose, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in the brand's journey throughout 2024.

Follow Nicole's fitness journey on Instagram at ultra.dreams 

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