Fiona Lim: Defying Limits in Singapore's Triathlon Scene

Fiona Lim: Defying Limits in Singapore's Triathlon Scene

Meet Fiona Lim, a triathlete making waves in the bustling metropolis of Singapore. From navigating the challenges of balancing work and training to conquering podiums despite setbacks, Fiona's story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of endurance athletes. In this interview we uncover the highs, lows, and everything in between in Fiona's quest for greatness in the world of triathlon.

Meet Fiona: Balancing Life, Work, and Triathlon

Fiona, a one-year old triathlete spends most of her time immersed in a Learning and Development role, shaping tech professionals in the public sector. But outside of working hours, she swaps her work hat for triathlon gear, diving into a world of running, cycling, and swimming and spending time with family and friends. Oh, and let's not forget her quest for the perfect cup of coffee or ice cream!

Triathlon: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Triathlon found Fiona rather unexpectedly, she laughs that the sport found her instead of the other way around. While sports wasn’t really her thing when she was younger, running was a social activity and a way to lose weight when she started work. A string of injuries led her to explore cycling and swimming and before she knew it, she was training for her first triathlon. 

“Triathlon is more than just the physical feat of conquering swim, bike, and run back to back. It has been a journey of self-discovery. I became a healthier and happier person through the process, and found resilience I never knew I had,” said Fiona.

Racing Against the Odds

From half marathons to local sprints to Olympic distance races and then international stages like Ironman 70.3 Langkawi, Fiona has left her mark with podium finishes and personal milestones. Despite battling injuries, including a broken elbow, Fiona's resilience shone through as she secured her spot in the Ironman World Championships 2024.

"Desaru 5150, my first tri race overseas, surprised me with a podium finish (second overall female and age group)! That motivated me to try longer distances at TriFactor Singapore and the PTO relay, where I made good progress and added some podium finishes to my journey,” said Fiona. 

 Injuries and setbacks could have derailed Fiona's journey, but she tackled them head-on. 

“I’m quite an injury prone person. I had two bike crashes that sent me into months of rehab, physio sessions, and a rollercoaster of emotions. The first crash in 2022 caused a lower back injury, and the second crash, a mere two months after I was cleared to exercise, left me with a broken elbow,” shared Fiona. 

With unwavering determination and support from her loved ones and the triathlon community, she transformed setbacks into stepping stones, and placed third in her age group at Ironman Langkawi, qualifying for the Ironman World Championships. To cap off the year she finished fourth in her age group at the Standard Chartered Singapore Half Marathon.

“It was a big achievement for me to even complete a triathlon in 2023 as I only removed my arm brace a few months ago. Training for my first 70.3 was overwhelming but I am fortunate to have found a really supportive coach to work with and followed a training plan. The training and the race itself were the hardest things I've ever done and seeing my parents, boyfriend, and best buddies at the finish line was the best feeling ever. It's been a fun journey of pushing my limits and seeing what I'm capable of," shared  Fiona.

This year Fiona has her sights set on Cebu 70.3 and the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. “I'm looking forward to traveling to different countries for races as it’s an unique perspective of seeing the country, and to meet and race with athletes from around the world. It will definitely be an adventure of a lifetime,” she said.

Purpose Ambassadorship: Sharing Passion with Purpose

Driven by her passion for triathlon and a desire to uplift others, Fiona became a Purpose Ambassador. Having experienced firsthand the difference quality gear makes, she's eager to share her love for Purpose Performance Wear with her community. But Purpose, she says, is more than just apparel. The brand’s focus on community and living purposefully aligns perfectly with her own values.

“My first trisuit was a disaster - online purchase, terrible material, constant chafing! Then a friend from the Singapore Women's Tri Club lent me theirs and it was just amazing and I love the comfort and hypermesh material which keeps me cool in the hot weather.” 

Fiona also hopes to inspire newcomers to endurance sports. She emphasizes that everyone starts somewhere and recalls her own fair share of ups and downs and learning experiences. She encourages aspiring athletes to join local communities for support and camaraderie and credits her support system including family and friends in Singapore Women’s Triathlon Club and Terai Melayu who have helped her to keep going. In fact she shared that her most cherished takeaway from triathlon isn't just the races, it's the incredible friendships and unwavering support from her community and loved ones.

“Thinking about triathlon? Don't wait! Everyone starts somewhere. Dive in and discover yourself, the sport, and your amazing potential. Races and PRs are fun, but the best part is the experiences, the lessons, the friendships, and the incredible journey you'll take.”

Beyond Triathlon: Exploring New Horizons

When she's not conquering triathlons, Fiona finds solace in long hikes and dreams of embarking on self-supported overnight adventures. Her bucket list isn't just about races; it's about embracing nature and pushing her boundaries in new and exciting ways.

For Fiona, the true beauty of triathlon lies in the friendships forged along the way. She's immensely grateful for the unwavering support of her family, friends, and the triathlon community, cherishing every moment of her journey.

So, if you're contemplating dipping your toes into the world of endurance sports, remember Fiona's journey—because sometimes, the greatest adventures begin with a single step.

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