Kenny Tanjaya : Racing Against the Odds to Triumph

Kenny Tanjaya : Racing Against the Odds to Triumph

We're diving into the inspiring journey of Kenny Tanjaya who hails from Jakarta. Kenny is better known as Kenny Tan in Indonesia’s running scene. His academic journey led him to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and then later Melbourne Australia where he met his fiance, Novita - also a Purpose athlete.

 Today, he is back in Indonesia with his beautiful daughter and while his day-to-day life lies in construction projects (Kenny is the proud owner of a hardware store company), his passion outside of work lies in running. 

In this interview you’ll hear the story of dreaming big and letting nothing stop you from achieving greatness!

A Running Journey Fueled by  Determination

Kenny's story isn't your typical tale of an athlete rising through the ranks from childhood. Kenny’s journey began in 2016, when running started as a stress-relief mechanism. Like many of us this evolved into a full-blown addiction  by 2017. Amidst a heavy schedule of construction projects Kenny found solace in the rhythm of his feet hitting the road and this experience has imparted essential lessons in self discipline in all areas of life along the way.

With over 50 races under his belt, Kenny is no stranger to the thrill of the finish line. He's conquered full marathons in Yogyakarta and Kuala Lumpur, boasting impressive times of 3:28:30 and 3:25:30, respectively. Let's not forget his half marathon triumph at the LPS Monas Half Marathon, clocking in at 1:35:30. Needless to say; Kenny has got some serious speed!

Kenny admits that balancing work and training is no easy feat, but over the years he has got it down to persistence. Early mornings and disciplined routines are his not-so-secret weapons. He swears by his 90-day rule which fosters consistency despite demanding schedules.

Running as a Purpose Ambassador

Kenny's not just in it for the podiums; he's on a mission to break stereotypes that those without an athletic background growing up can’t excel. As a Purpose Ambassador, he's leading the charge to prove that anyone, regardless of their background, can excel in endurance sports. It's all about setting goals, staying resilient, and, most importantly, never backing down from a challenge.

By taking on this role, I aim to showcase that individuals like myself, with a non-athlete background, can perform exceptionally well.

Emphasizing positive values, I strive to create an environment that encourages growth and mutual respect. Setting a clear purpose and goals within the team ensures a collective focus on shared objectives. Resilience becomes a guiding principle, fostering determination in the face of challenges. Lastly, celebrating and sharing achievements collectively reinforces the impact of purpose-driven endeavors,” said Kenny. 

Inspiring the Next Generation

For all you newbies out there eyeing the world of endurance sports, Kenny has some sage advice: take it slow, stay consistent, and listen to your body. 

“Oh, and don't forget to enjoy the journey—it's all about progress, not perfection,” said Kenny. 

Moreover, Kenny hopes to promote collaboration, fostering a sense of unity through the sport amongst the younger generation – one run at a time!

But Kenny's aspirations don't stop at the finish line. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon and earning those coveted 6-star marathon medals are next on his agenda. And let's not forget his ultimate dream of tackling the UTMB race around Mont Blanc—now, that's a challenge worthy of a true titan!

A Runner  of Integrity and Grit

Kenny is a household name for the true spirit of a champion. Some mantras he lives by include:

  • I'm not afraid to face tough situations; I try to be brave and tackle them head-on.
  • I believe in doing what's right, being honest, and having strong moral principles—that's integrity.
  • Setting goals and making them happen is something I take pride in; I'm an achiever.
  • Putting in the effort and working hard is crucial to me; I believe in giving my best in everything I do.

Needless to say, Kenny is steady, resilient, and tirelessly in his pursuit of greatness. He's not just chasing personal records; he's setting an example for us all—showing that with integrity, hard work, and a little bit of dreaming, anything is possible.

So here's to you, Kenny Tanjaya , inspiring us all to reach for the stars. Keep pounding that road and making Indonesia proud!

Follow Kenny’s running journey with Purpose at

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