From Mountaineering to Triathlon, Meet Nada Abandah

From Mountaineering to Triathlon, Meet Nada Abandah

Meet Nada Abandah, a Jordanian residing in the UAE since 2012 who proudly calls Abu Dhabi home. Outside of her triathlon life, Nada is a seasoned management consultant of 22 years and a devoted single mom to her 18-year-old daughter. She's well known in her community for humor, her love for coffee, and her unyielding determination. Besides her professional, triathlete, and maternal roles, she's an avid mountaineer, and now one of the first Purpose Ambassadors in the Middle East. We caught up with Nada to find out more about her triathlon journey.

A Humble Beginning in Triathlon

Nada's journey into triathlon began in mid-2022, inspired by her two-decade-long passion for mountaineering. Desiring to test her mental and physical limits, Nada dipped her toe into triathlon and found herself completely submerged in the thrill of  three-discipline races.

Embarking on her first triathlon super sprint journey in October 2022, Nada quickly progressed to sprint and Olympic and distances. Her first half Ironman 70.3 in Turkey in 2023 marked yet another significant achievement. However, it was the Bahrain Ironman 70.3 race in December 2023 that she is most proud of. Despite facing jet lag and illness in the days leading up to the race, she showcased her unparalleled perseverance crossing that finish line with a big grin. Nada's ambitious race plan for 2024 includes events such as Muscat 70.3, Mallorca 70.3, Challenge Roth, and a full Ironman in Barcelona.

Triathlon Triumphs and Challenges

As a single mom with a demanding job, a side hustle, and a chronic knee injury that requires total knee replacement, Nada faces numerous challenges in her training journey. The financial demands of doing triathlon and the additional layer of being a hijabi adds complexity to an already demanding routine. Rather than overcoming challenges, Nada said she emphasizes working with the challenges. She does this by making daily choices to persevere and constantly transforming obstacles into achievements.

Nada’s Commitment to Purpose

Motivated by Purpose's values, Nada became an ambassador to fill an essential gap and inspire others. She aims to show that hijabi women, moms, and individuals facing limitations can still pursue an active and modest lifestyle. For Nada, being a Purpose Ambassador is about fulfilling a noble purpose—encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their capabilities.

In her role as a Purpose Ambassador, Nada hopes to inspire others by sharing her vulnerability. Even though she thinks she is not the fastest or the strongest, Nada's message is clear: anyone can be a triathlete. Triathlon, often perceived as intimidating, Nada believes can be embraced by all, regardless of age, body type, religion, or financial status.

Lessons for Newbies in Triathlon

Nada highlights two key lessons for newcomers: consistency and enjoyment.

She said, endurance sports require trust in the process and a focus on personal improvement. Nada encourages everyone to persist, enjoy the journey, and consistently put in the effort. She also aptly emphasises that the real competition is always with oneself.

Beyond Triathlon

Apart from her passion for triathlon, Nada is an avid mountaineer who loves hiking and exploring new countries on foot. Additionally, she channels her love for baking into creating high protein and high carb snacks which contributes to her training routine. We wish Nada all the very best in her triathlon journey with Purpose this year. We are proud to support her. 

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