Michelle's passion for triathlon shines bright

Michelle's passion for triathlon shines bright

Meet Michelle, a passionate triathlete hailing from Indonesia, currently residing in Jakarta. Her dedication in the sport of triathlon serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, especially women.

Michelle is gearing up for the PTO Asian Open in Singapore in August and has set her sights on participating in the National Games in 2024. Let's delve into her journey and discover what drives her to excel in this demanding sport.

Falling in Love with Triathlon:

Michelle's tryst with triathlon began nine years ago, but a biking accident resulting in a broken collarbone forced her to take a break. Undeterred, she restarted her journey exactly a year ago in May 2022, igniting a flame that continues to burn bright.

Michelle's love for triathlon stems from the diversity it offers. The combination of swimming, cycling, and running keeps her engaged and prevents monotony from creeping into her training routine. She thrives on the variety that triathlon offers, and constantly pushes herself to excel in each discipline.

Among the three disciplines, cycling holds a special place in her heart. The serenity and sense of peace she experiences while cycling create an unmatched connection with the sport.

On the other hand, running presents a challenge that Michelle is determined to conquer, constantly striving to improve her performance.

Racing Towards Success as a Triathlete:

Over the past year, Michelle has participated in approximately 10 races, each adding to her experience and growth. Among these, her favorite race was Ironman Danang 70.3 where she placed 4th place in the women's 35-39 age group.

Despite being a challenging race in scorching conditions, she said the stunning beauty of the surroundings served as an inspiration to finish the race,

While she has a long list of podium achievements in 2022-2023 her most recent include, first place women overall at the Trifactor Singapore International triathlon in 2023, as well as 1st place women overall at the Sungailiat Olympic Distance Triathlon in Indonesia. 

Reflecting on her racing journey, Michelle recalls the Lombok 70.3 race as her worst memory. Battling a severe stomach flu, she faced a daunting task of completing a race with depleted energy.

Despite the grueling hills during the run, Michelle pushed through, embodying resilience and determination with every stride.

Preparing for Triumph: Pre-race day routine 

Prior to race day, Michelle ensures she has her essentials in place, including her trusted tri-suit, goggles, bike, cleats, and sneakers. Additionally, she prioritizes nutrition and dedicates time to practice and adjust her diet to ensure optimal performance.

Michelle's pre-race ritual focuses on maintaining a balance between calmness and excitement, reminding herself of the hard work invested in training.

Balancing Work, Triathlon, and Family:

Maintaining a work-triathlon-family balance is undoubtedly challenging for Michelle. Fortunately, her profession allows her to intertwine her passion for triathlon with her career.

She strategically plans her training early in the morning and devotes more time to longer sessions on weekends. Despite the difficulties, Michelle's dedication serves as a shining example to her two-year-old son, who emulates her commitment to physical activity and eagerly supports her in races.

Michelle also admits that staying motivated comes naturally to her as triathlon and training have become an integral part of her routine. Taking days off or being unable to train due to illness leaves her restless and eager to get back on track, reinforcing her drive to excel.

Michelle’s Advice for Newbie Triathletes:

Michelle's advice to newcomers in the world of triathlon is simple yet profound: have fun and don't fret over time. Starting slowly and enjoying the process is key to long-term growth and success.

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