The PURPOSE Podcast: Claire Jedrek, on motor racing, motherhood and entrepreneurship

The PURPOSE Podcast: Claire Jedrek, on motor racing, motherhood and entrepreneurship

Coming from an extreme sports background, Claire Jedrek knows no fear. She used to do aggressive inline during her teenage days, which is where she got talent scouted and subsequently grew her career in entertainment.

She has done heaps of hosting, graced too many magazine covers, done her fair share of TV dramas – and later, race commentary when she got into motorsports.

The mother of two toddlers is also a race car driver herself, the only female one in Singapore in fact. If all of that is not enough, her husband Yuey Tan (Porsche Carrera Cup Asia driver) and her founded The Karting Arena, a public go-karting facility. This is only one of the several other businesses that they own and run.

Having done a sprint triathlon before, Claire does have a goal to participate in an Ironman 70.3 one day. At the moment she is big on cycling, especially mountain biking, when her knee injury is not hindering her.

One thing that she is good at is sports marketing – creating a brand out of yourself to offer value to sponsors. Her motor racing career is funded by sponsors – it’s a rule that both Yuey and her share: if you don’t raise the money, you don’t go racing.

Life isn’t always smooth sailing and Claire has had her own struggles too, like moving back to Singapore from Australia whilst nursing a massive heartbreak and having to restart her career all over again.

Listen to this episode and pick up some valuable life lessons from this daredevil go-getter mama – out on Spotify here.

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