Global Glory: Ling Er's Inspiring Rise in the World of Triathlon

Global Glory: Ling Er's Inspiring Rise in the World of Triathlon

Introducing Choo Ling Er, an avid triathlete who is elevating women’s triathlon in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Ling Er recently achieved a remarkable 13th place in her age group at the Vinfast Ironman World Championships in Kona where her custom-designed Purpose Hypermesh suit stood out on course. Ling's journey has evolved from local lanes to global recognition, not only marking a personal triumph but also serving as inspiration for the women of Southeast Asia. 

How Ling Er Began Her Triathlon Journey

Ling Er embarked on her triathlon journey at the age of 20. Initially a runner, she turned to swimming as a form of recovery following an injury. The pivotal moment came in 2017 when she purchased her first bike after an internship, coinciding with Aviva's inaugural half Ironman distance triathlon in Singapore. This event marked the beginning of what would become a 6 year love affair with Ironman-distance races.

Race Day Memories

With nearly two decades of racing experience, Ling Er has completed an impressive 15 full Ironman races, including 7 appearances at the Kona World Championship Ironman. When asked about her favorite race, she fondly recalls Ironman Japan, citing its breathtaking views around Lake Toya and the delectable local cuisine.

For Ling Er, triathlon's allure lies in the challenge of combining three distinct disciplines seamlessly. The art of perfecting this sequence is both invigorating and demanding, making every race a unique and fulfilling experience.

While Ling Er excels in all three disciplines, cycling holds a special place in her heart. Beyond the races, cycling has taken her to diverse places and facilitated meaningful connections with fellow enthusiasts.

Race Day Rituals and Balancing Work, Triathlon and Family

Among the many race day memories, Ling Er cherishes the Langkawi Half Ironman postpartum. Her daughter, Kira, awaited her at the finish line creating an indescribable and unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

Ling Er's pre-race ritual involves indulging in pizza the night before. It's a must-do tradition that adds a touch of familiarity and comfort before the intense competition.

Juggling work, triathlon training, and family life can be challenging, but Ling Er benefits from the flexibility of her work. This flexibility allows her to dedicate time to both training and spending precious moments with her family.

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes 

Ling Er draws motivation from her early experiences of being passed by faster athletes. Instead of letting it discourage her, she used it as fuel to train harder, adopting the mantra: "Either you suffer now or you suffer during the race."

To newcomers in the triathlon world, Ling Er emphasizes enjoying the first race as a personal best. She warns against getting too caught up in chasing records, as the joy of the initial experience often sets an unmatched standard.

Fun Facts about Ling Er

Dream relay partner: Given the chance to form a dream relay team, Ling Er would choose Jan Frodeno for the swim and Chelsea Sodaro for the run, creating an unstoppable trio of talent.

Cartoon idol: If Ling Er were a cartoon character, she sees herself as Winnie the Pooh—thoughtful, kind-hearted, and steadfast in friendship. 

Dream locale: Despite the allure of various places worldwide, Singapore remains her chosen home, surrounded by family and friends.

Beyond Triathlon: Looking ahead, Ling Er's bucket list includes venturing into ultra-marathons, showcasing her enduring passion for pushing personal limits.

What’s next: Presently, Ling Er is engrossed in intensive preparations for the Disney Marathon in Florida in January 2024.



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