Sport Means Life for Indonesian Runner, Firdaus

Sport Means Life for Indonesian Runner, Firdaus

Meet Muhammad Firdaus, otherwise known as Daus. Daus is a dedicated runner, cyclist, and multi-sport enthusiast hailing from Bekasi, Indonesia. Working amidst the vibrant running and cycling community in BSD, near Jakarta, Daus has fused his passion for running with his career and we interviewed him to find out more about his running journey.

How His Running Journey Began

Firdaus's journey into the world of marathon began amidst the pandemic in 2019. As life threw him curveballs, he turned to running as a means of solace and self-discovery, later expanding his pursuits to include other endurance sports. 

"Sport means life for me," he shares, reflecting on his lifelong love for various sports, from football to basketball. "More than just a hobby, it's a part of my life."

Despite the challenges posed by his demanding work schedule, Firdaus has embraced multi-sport endeavors wholeheartedly. From 5Ks to half marathon, he's tackled various running distances which are 10km and half marathon.

However, Firdaus's journey hasn't been without its hurdles. Balancing training with long work hours in Jakarta has no doubt been a challenge. But with determination and a recent move to BSD, he's now able to focus more on his training regimen, illustrating the importance of perseverance in overcoming obstacles.

A Commitment to Purpose

As a Purpose athlete, Firdaus is driven by his passion for the brand's products and a desire to showcase their quality to the world. More than that, he sees his role as an opportunity to inspire others, especially newcomers to multi-sport endeavors. "Endurance sports are not just a game," he emphasizes. "

Firdaus hopes to dispel the notion that multi-sport endeavors are solely for elite athletes. Instead, he aims to represent the everyday athlete, proving that anyone can lace up their shoes, hop on a bike, and pursue their athletic passions. Through his journey, he seeks to motivate others to start moving, regardless of their skill level or experience.

Beyond Endurance

Beyond running and cycling, Firdaus finds joy in basketball, travel, and connecting with new people. He has a zest for life and a determination to make every moment count.

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