Unleashing the Athlete Within: The Journey of Alex Cranswick

Unleashing the Athlete Within: The Journey of Alex Cranswick

In the world of endurance sports, there are tales of triumph, moments of resilience, and journeys of self-discovery. The tale of Alex Cranswick is no exception. Alex is a proud Kiwi hailing from the stunning landscapes of New Zealand and his journey in the world of triathlon is also one that embodies the narrative of perseverance. By day, he meticulously navigates the terrain as a land surveyor and a parent of twins, but before and after the sun sets, he morphs into a determined athlete and a part-time content creator, with aspirations as vast as the Pacific Ocean.

A Dare Turned into an Ironman Dream

For Alex, his journey into the world of triathlon commenced with a challenge in 2021—a dare whispered in the corridors of his workplace. It was a gauntlet thrown down by a colleague, encouraging him to partake in a sprint distance triathlon. Armed with a penchant for cycling and a dollop of determination, Alex embarked on his first triathlon, not fully aware of the transformative journey that lay ahead. 

Swimming, a domain alien to him, and running, a skill he was yet to refine, stood as formidable obstacles. But amidst the rigors of training, a seed was planted in that challenge and the dream of conquering a full Ironman soon took hold. In 2021 Alex committed himself to a grueling year of training. As the miles blurred into memories and the laps merged into milestones, Alex found himself not merely chasing a finish line but chasing something that was once thought of as impossible. 

Fueling the Passion

Since his first sprint triathlon in 2021, Alex has carved a path of victories and milestones. He has taken part in countless races and whether it was a good race, or a not so good race (no such thing as a bad race) he conquered them with the grit of a warrior. His crowning glory remains his debut Ironman, where he crossed the hallowed finish line in 10 hours and 4 minutes.

But for Alex, his pursuit of self improvement knows no bounds. With his eyes set on continual improvement Alex embraces each race as an opportunity to surpass his limits and redefine his boundaries. 

Triathlon Triumphs and Challenges

Like many triathletes, balancing the demands of training with the responsibilities of family life and work poses its own set of challenges. With twin boys at home and a partner immersed in the world of marathon running, time emerges as a scarce commodity. But, it’s a juggling act that he navigates with grace and fortitude.  “My goal is to work around my wifes training schedule and be able to enjoy time with my little dudes while not being completely spent after long days training and being at work”. 

The Triathlon Balancing Act

As a Purpose Ambassador, Alex's mission is simple yet profound—to inspire, to uplift, and to ignite the spark of possibility in every soul that crosses his path. Through his presence on social media, he hopes to be a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of perseverance. “Even if it’s just one person that reaches out and says that I helped them get out the door or asks for advice then I am happy that I have done my duties”, said Alex. For him, true fulfillment lies not in the pursuit of personal glory but in the ability to touch lives and sow the seeds of inspiration in the hearts of others.

Why Purpose, we asked. “I love what Purpose is doing by making our sport accessible to everyone and breaking the barriers that people face trying to train and enter events. I also love the brand's line up of athletes both pro and ambassadors. Not just the best athlete, but inclusive from all walks of life, this is what it’s all about,” said Alex.

Beyond Triathlon

Looking beyond triathlon Alex asked - “there’s a life outside of triathlon?”

Purpose is proud to support Alex in 2024 and we look forward to seeing his path in the world of triathlon unfold. 

Follow Alex’s journey with Purpose at https://www.instagram.com/triwithcranny/

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