5 reasons why you should make a custom trisuit with PURPOSE

5 reasons why you should make a custom trisuit with PURPOSE

A sense of pride, belonging and ownership – these are what you get from getting a custom trisuit from us, on top of our advanced fabric technology HYPERMESHTM to help you stay cool even in the heat. Here are five reasons why you should get a custom trisuit from us:

1)You can have any design you want.

The best part of a custom trisuit is that you can have any design you want, tailored to your personal style. Customising a trisuit comes with unlimited personalisation and design opportunities, and any colours you’d like. This allows you to flaunt your individuality and express your unique style.

2) You can be one with your team.

If you train with a club, group or team, it’s always nice to have an identity. Wearing a trisuit together as a team with the club colours, name and logo gives this sense of pride and belonging, especially when you’re out riding together or participating in the same race.

When team members wear the same trisuit, they will feel more connected with the rest of the team. Wearing something they know represents the whole team and not just themselves as individuals will help to reinforce a strong team spirit.

3) You will be easily spotted during races.

Wearing a custom trisuit means you will stand out from the rest and your supporters will be able to spot you easier when you’re out there. It can be quite challenging to try and look out for you in a sea of triathletes who are rushing by,

so if your custom trisuit is of a distinctive colour or design, it helps your supporters and friends differentiate you quickly from the crowd.

4) You will get the PURPOSE HYPERMESH™ advanced fabric technology.

Regardless of what design you have in mind, your custom trisuit will feature the PURPOSE HYPERMESHTM advanced fabric technology. Unlike most kits made only of a single fabric, PURPOSE HYPERMESHTM employs multiple advanced fabrics layered over different parts of the kit.

This targeted construction provides performance functionality and unparalleled heat dissipation, thus delivering the best breathability, airflow and comfort.

With 3 series (HYPERMESH™ PRO, HYPERMESH™ ELT, HYPERMESH™ TEAM) to choose from, you (and your team) can decide which fabric is best for your performance.

5) Your trisuit will be of race-winning pedigree.

Our trisuits have been proven to win world championships and set world records, such as Dr Dan Plews securing the Ironman World Championship 2018 age group win and setting the record in the process.

In the region, PURPOSE has become a popular choice for triathlon and cycling clubs – companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Facebook, and clubs like Terai Melayu and BoiDapChay have their trisuits all custom-made by PURPOSE.

SEA Games athletes from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam also wore our trisuit for the 2019 Games, where several podium finishes were snagged.

There is a lot of pride and joy when you don your own custom trisuit, with a design that represents yourself (or the club or team you are with). Will you be next to make your mark?

Find out more about PURPOSE’s custom kits here.

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