10 Questions with Matt Kerr Overall Age-Group Ironman World Champion

10 Questions with Matt Kerr Overall Age-Group Ironman World Champion

Hot on the heels of his Ironman World Championship victory at St. George Utah, we interviewed New Zealander Matt Kerr and asked about his feelings, thoughts and future plans. And, of course, what he thinks of his racing kit.

PURPOSE: How are you feeling?

Matt: For the day after, pretty good. Not completely trashed but certainly feel worked through. Mentally in a great space. 

PURPOSE: How do you feel about the win?

Matt: Satisfied for sure. I came here to give it my best shot and aim to be as far up the field as possible and I managed to execute that well. 

PURPOSE: Is this your first win in a major competition?

Matt: Yes it is. A first, world status win for me. 

PURPOSE: Was the outcome what you expected?

Matt: I didn’t go into the race expecting the win. I cannot control other athletes on the day. Rather so, only in control of my capabilities. Chasing the overall championship was my goal and ambition but not an expectation I put on myself going into the race. 

PURPOSE: How long did you prepare for this race?

Matt: When Ironman New Zealand got postponed in late February, the decision was made to then target the 2021 world champs here in Utah.

It was a pretty short build-up for this race particularly but in terms of an Ironman block, the preparation began in mid-January. 

PURPOSE: It was a very long 2-year hiatus from your original Ironman World Championship qualifications, did anything change?

Matt: As I developed as an athlete; training, goals and expectations also change. But, the aim and drive to be the best possible athlete I can be never changed. This cycle repeats to be better than the day before. 

PURPOSE: Is turning pro still on the horizon?

Matt: Yes, but first… Kona 2022. 

PURPOSE: What was your race day arsenal? Nutrition, bike, wheels, accessories, racing kit?

Matt: Top of mind is nutrition. The climate was certainly a factor to be aware of, Sfuels provided the goods here and I had all my calories and energy intake numbers worked out to the demand requirements.

My main arsenal on race day was the knowledge of personal execution and sticking to that. Remain consistent, limit the variability in all three disciplines and focus on the work required at the moment I was in there and then. 


SFuels Race+ and Race+ bullet for easy carry and access, race-day nutrition

PURPOSE: How did the racing kit perform? How was the weather?

Matt: it was hot! The suit was amazing and suited the conditions. It breathes amazingly in the heat, was able to carry my race nutrition on the run and it was super comfortable. The day after the race, I have no chafing or rubbing from the suit. Simply the best. 

PURPOSE: What’s next?

Matt: Now… it’s pretty much straight home to NZ for a week or so then into Australia for a couple of months settling into some training.

In terms of racing before Kona 2022, I will look to race Cairns Ironman in June and then the Collins Cup age group race in August before my Kona lead up. 

PURPOSE Pro with HYPEREMSH ample back pockets

Seen here, Matt with three Sfuels Racing Bullets. PURPOSE Pro with HYPEREMSH has ample back pockets to carry a full-sized water bottle plus nutrition gels.

So there you go! Humility and a man of simple words preferring to let his work do the action. Wishing Matt all the best for his lead up to the 2022 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii later this year. 

For this Ironman World Championship, Matt wore his custom-designed tri suit with HYPERMESH Pro, built for hot weather and high humidity. 

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