From Corporate Life to Triathlon Podiums: Meet Aishwarya

From Corporate Life to Triathlon Podiums: Meet Aishwarya

From Tennis Player to Triathlete  - Meet Aishwarya

Aishwarya Jagadish, a triathlete based in India is on a mission to redefine triathlon in her country. From a bronze medal win at the Open Triathlon Nationals to a remarkable second place finish at the Ironman 70.3 Goa in her age group, Aishwarya’s athletic journey is gaining rapid momentum. Her deepest regret for quitting a promising tennis career at 16 years of age has fuelled her pursuit to become the best female triathlete in India.

Beyond sport, Aishwarya works on marketing and modeling projects for renowned brands and she nurtures an entrepreneurial vision with hopes to launch brands in India that have a strong focus on promoting healthy and active lifestyles. 

How Her Triathlon Journey Started

So, how did Aishwarya transition from the corporate world to the grueling realm of triathlon? Well that was the first thing we asked and it all began with a simple step – running. While at Goldman Sachs, she found herself drawn to the camaraderie of local running events, where she swiftly made her mark with podium finishes. 

The transition to triathlon that followed was sparked by a persistent college friend who persuaded her to sign up for the debut Ironman 703 Goa. She felt a 70.3 would be too long but was convinced to first volunteer for a triathlon and then compete in a sprint distance triathlon and she was inspired by the diverse community of triathletes. Aishwarya took the plunge and competed in her first sprint distance triathlon, securing an impressive second place overall.

Since then, Aishwarya has embarked on a whirlwind of races, ranging from sprint to half Ironman distances, each time pushing her limits and shaping her into the athlete she is today. Among her notable achievements are a Bronze in the Triathlon National Open (Sprint) and a second-place finish in her age group at Ironman 70.3 Goa. These triumphs, however, were not without their fair share of challenges.

“My journey in this sport is very fresh but it has already given me some incredibly beautiful moments and some tough challenges. It truly changed the person I am. Through the sport I’ve got to meet some incredible people who have supported me unconditionally,” said Aishwarya.

Challenges and Obstacles in Triathlon

The loss of her father, a pillar of support throughout her sporting endeavors, cast a shadow of uncertainty over Aishwarya's ambitions. 

“One of the last things I told my Dad before I lost him a year ago was - I’m restarting triathlon. He had supported me through all my sporting endeavors throughout my youth and when I initially started triathlon, he would drive me from North Bangalore to Nisha Millet's pool in Koramangala (1.5 hour drive in traffic) for every session. His last few months were terrifying emotionally, mentally, and financially but when I did my first race in IM 70.3 Danang in Vietnam, (my dad’s favorite country), I most certainly felt his presence throughout," said Aishwarya.

Other setbacks like a bike crash at Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Lahti resulted in Aishwarya  having to DNF the race. She said it was devastating and triggered a lot of self doubt. Six weeks later crossed the finish line and successfully completed the Ironman 70.3 in Goa. It was a proud moment as she was temporarily without a coach in the lead up but she said she’ll never forget the moment she crossed that finish line. She placed second in her age group and vividly remembers people screaming her name. 

Aishwarya’s Commitment to Purpose

Beyond the physical demands of endurance training, Aishwarya is driven by a deeper purpose – to inspire and empower women in sports. She hopes to break down barriers to entry by showcasing the inclusivity and functionality of Purpose wear, particularly in hot and humid conditions prevalent in her races.

When asked what she would say to any newbies considering entering the sport she said,

“I feel this sport really changes your mind, body, heart and soul. The endurance sport space is beautiful and the community is incredible. I’d suggest reaching out and speaking up to people for any help. It’s also important to find the right direction and guidance in the sport.

Learn to understand the body well and not push crazy hard unnecessarily. Eating good and nutritious food, getting good sleep and keeping an overall low stress levels are key to a healthy life and an enriching journey in the endurance world,” shared Aishwarya.

But Aishwarya's ambitions also extend far beyond the realm of triathlon. An avid lover of modeling, travel, food, dance, and startups, she envisions building brands and communities in the health and wellness space, leveraging her platform to inspire others to lead active and fulfilling lives.

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