Emerging Stronger - Meet Student-Triathlete Faez Farhat

Emerging Stronger - Meet Student-Triathlete Faez Farhat

Meet Faez Farhat Bin Mohd Faizul, a short-distance student-triathlete (studying a degree in Business Marketing)  hailing from the bustling city of Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Faez, a Malaysian native and the only male among five siblings, started his athletic journey at a young age and his story is yet another of perseverance, passion, and purpose.

How it All Began

Faez's journey into the world of triathlon began at the age of 17, shortly after completing his final SPM paper. Despite his early inclination towards sports, the untimely loss of his father at 14 momentarily dimmed his athletic aspirations. Yet, the fire within reignited during his last year of secondary school when he rediscovered his love for running. From there, the world of triathlon beckoned.

For Faez, running isn't just about crossing finish lines; it's about building resilience—both physical and mental. It's a coping mechanism, a form of therapy that shapes him into a better individual—one who is ready to serve his community

Among these 3 disciplines, I enjoy running the most. Running has been a big part of my journey. It is how I cope with all kinds of problems. For me, running is not just about clocking mileage and getting tired from it, to me running is how I build my physical and mental resilience to be a better human being and serve back for the community,” said Faez. 

Emerging Stronger: Faez Farhat's Journey Through Adversity

Like most triathletes, Faez has faced his own fair share of hurdles.  Two stress fractures—one in 2020 and another in 2022—threatened to derail his dreams. 

“The first time I fractured my shin, I lost my appetite and spent most of the time in my room and I even lost hope in chasing my dream. Thankfully, my family and coaches were so supportive and I am grateful for them, said Faez”

He said in some ways he was glad to have this experience because the second time he dealt with a stress fracture he was better able to manage his emotions and focus on his recovery so he could get back at the top of his game. “Experience makes us wiser, and stronger,” he said.

Faez’s determination to give back to the community led him to become a Purpose Ambassador—a role he embraces wholeheartedly. Through this engagement, Faez aims to inspire others, especially newcomers, to endurance sports. 

“Giving back to the community has always been my utmost goal. The triathlon community is filled with love and positivity, which inspires me to keep on trying regardless of how rough the journey is. Given the chance as a Purpose ambassador, I believe that I can give back to the triathlon community better,” said Faez.

His message to newcomers is: Success is born from consistency, perseverance, and self-belief.

Nothing great comes easy, put your trust in your training program and do know that consistency is the only key to success. NEVER, compare your progress with others. It will always be you, vs you. It is a race of yourself,”shared Faez

For the love of coffee!

Beyond the race tracks and training grounds, Faez is a man of diverse interests. From his thriving coffee business, Onemocup, to his love for serenity and nature, he embodies a balanced lifestyle that complements his athletic pursuits.

So, as Faez laces up his shoes and prepares to conquer new horizons, we’re cheering him on.

Follow Faez’s journey at https://www.instagram.com/farhatfaez/

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