Meet South African, Brett Hallam - Purpose Pro Triathlete 2024

Meet South African, Brett Hallam - Purpose Pro Triathlete 2024

Introducing Brett Hallam, a professional triathlete proudly representing South Africa while living abroad in Australia. After spending nine years in the bustling city of Dubai, he has now found his haven in the stunning landscapes of Sydney, Australia. 

Brett’s journey into the world of triathlon only began in 2015. Originating from a semi-professional soccer background, his professional life as a swimming coach brought him into close contact with the world of triathletes. The curiosity sparked, and he decided to take a leap of faith. 

Brett’s Triathlon Journey

His initiation was marked by an Olympic distance race that stretched over 3.5 hours, but that experience ignited a profound passion for the sport, compelling him to consistently seek improvement year after year.

With a remarkable tally of over 150 triathlons since then, spanning various distances from sprint and Olympic distances to 70.3 and an Ironman, his journey stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and the pursuit of athletic excellence.

Acknowledging its addictive nature,Triathlon, for Brett, goes beyond the physical challenges. The opportunity to be immersed in a community of diverse athletes, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, is what truly captured his heart.

In a twist of irony, swimming, despite being his professional domain as a coach, takes the spot as his least favorite discipline. The bike leg, on the contrary, holds a special place in his heart, providing a sense of liberation and joy.

Race Day Memories

Among the many  races, Ironman 70.3 Astana in 2019 stands out as a cherished memory. The camaraderie forged with a fantastic group of individuals, coupled with the shared joy of competition, made it a standout experience. 

On the flip side, Ironman Frankfurt in 2021 presented a formidable challenge, serving as a poignant reminder of the importance of meticulous preparation. He was originally meant to participate in his first Ironman in Astana, but due to covid it was canceled twice. That meant two consecutive years of training without racing. 

Not wanting to go another year, Brett jumped at the chance to race in Frankfurt and purchased his race entry and flight tickets just 9 days before the race. Compared to the flat race course that he trained for, he faced 1800m in elevation gain over the 180km bike course, and with very little elevation training his legs suffered and part of the run required a run/walk strategy. Despite pushing through and finishing the race, Brett was disappointed that he rushed into this without being fully prepared for those climbs. 

Race Day Rituals and Balancing Work, Triathlon and Family

Irrespective of the race at hand, Brett follows a consistent pre-race ritual that involves indulging in a comforting pizza for dinner the night before—an essential tradition that adds a sense of familiarity to the eve of competition.

When asked about juggling triathlon and work he like many said the delicate balance between a full-time job and the demands of professional triathlon is a tightrope walk. This is only heightened by turning professional which necessitates a dedicated commitment to training during the week. Hisemphasises quality over quantity.

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes 

Motivation, for Brett, is intrinsically tied to his love for the sport. The anticipation of an upcoming race serves as a perpetual source of motivation and accountability, ensuring that every training session is approached with enthusiasm and dedication.

To those new to the world of triathlon, he strongly advocates for securing the guidance of a coach. The journey should be enjoyable, and consistency, coupled with trust in the process, is key to long-term success.

Fun Facts about Brett Hallam

Dream relay partner:  Given the chance to form a relay team with any triathlete globally, Brett’s ideal teammate would undoubtedly be Lionel Sanders, a name synonymous with excellence in the sport.

Cartoon idol: In the whimsical realm of animated characters, he sees echoes of himself in the mischievous yet determined persona of Bart Simpson—a balance of playfulness and tenacity.

Dream locale: Australia, with its breathtaking landscapes, thriving sports scene, and enviable weather, has captured his heart. Even though he misses his five siblings dearly, he feels like Australia is a place he belongs.

Beyond Triathlon: Apart from Brett’s  triathlon pursuits, Brett is proud to have swam around Palm Jumeriah in Dubai - a whopping 14km! He also did the everesting challenging indoors on Zwift which took 11.5 hours. Onn his bucket list is also the goal to be a professional cyclist. He envisions a life dedicated to the exhilarating world of cycling.

In 2010 Brett was also featured in a  Spanish documentary for the South Africa soccer World Cup. This documentary sparked important conversations about racial divides in South Africa and how sport brings people together.


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