Ewin - Endurance Athlete & Mental Health Advocate

Ewin - Endurance Athlete & Mental Health Advocate

Ewin Teo, a 43-year-old endurance athlete from Singapore, boasts an impressive 14 years of experience in the world of endurance sports. His diverse portfolio includes participation in Ironman, Xterra, and ultramarathons. Recently, Ewin has ventured into the realm of Hyrox competitions, adding another exciting challenge to his athletic journey.

Starting the Journey: Embracing the Endurance Sports Lifestyle

Ewin’s journey into endurance sports began in 2010, and he has never looked back since.  

“Endurance sport is more than just physical challenges; they represent a journey of pushing myself beyond my limits, building resilience, and experiencing personal growth,” said Ewin.

These sports challenge him both physically and mentally, teaching perseverance and discipline. Through endurance sports, he says he finds a sense of achievement, community, and a deeper understanding of his capabilities.

Race Accomplishments: Milestones and Future Plans

Over the years, Ewin has participated in numerous races, including Ironman, half Ironman, ultramarathons, marathons, and Xterra events. One of his proudest achievements is completing an Ironman race in under 10 hours, a feat accomplished by only a select few athletes in Singapore. Looking ahead, Ewin plans to focus on strength-based competitions like the renowned Hyrox race.

Overcoming Training Challenges: Strategies for Success

Throughout his training journey, Ewin has faced several challenges, including physical injuries, mental fatigue, and balancing training with personal and professional responsibilities. He suggests that overcoming these obstacles requires a combination of strategies, including:

  • Physical Injuries: Ewin focused on proper recovery, sought professional medical advice, and incorporated preventive measures like strength training and stretching into his routine.
  • Mental Fatigue: He addressed this by setting realistic goals, varying his training to keep it interesting, and prioritizing rest and relaxation.
  • Balancing Responsibilities: Ewin managed this by creating a structured schedule, being disciplined with his time, and seeking support from family and friends to maintain a healthy balance.

Becoming a Purpose Athlete: Inspiring Others

Ewin's motivation to become a Purpose athlete stems from a deep desire to inspire and support others on their journeys. 

“As an endurance athlete, I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of setting goals, overcoming challenges, and striving for personal excellence. I believe in fostering a positive, purpose-driven mindset and helping others unlock their potential,” said Ewin.

By sharing his experiences and insights, he aims to empower individuals to pursue their passions, embrace resilience, and achieve their aspirations.

Advice for Newbies: Starting Strong in Endurance Sports

For those new to endurance sports, Ewin emphasizes the importance of starting gradually by increasing training intensity and duration slowly. 

“I always tell newbies to enjoy the journey by embracing challenges and celebrating each step forward. I also remind them to focus on proper technique to prevent injuries and improve performance, always listen to your body, and prioritize recovery and rest”. 

Ewin believes in setting realistic goals to stay motivated and tracking progress. He also recommends building a support network by joining a community of like-minded individuals which he finds crucial for motivation and advice.

Beyond Endurance Training

Beyond his endurance training, Ewin has a passion for photography. He loves capturing moments that tell a story, whether it’s the serene beauty of nature, the energy of a bustling city, or the raw emotions of people. This creative outlet allows him to explore different perspectives and share his unique view of the world.

Advocating for Mental Health: A Personal Mission

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being that Ewin is passionate about advocating for. He believes it’s essential to recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health. Maintaining a healthy mind involves managing stress, practicing self-care, and seeking support when needed. 

Ewin is a strong proponent of open conversations about mental health to break down stigmas and create supportive environments. He encourages others not to shy away from seeking help when needed.

Ewin journey as an endurance athlete is a testament to the power of resilience, discipline, and personal growth. Whether he’s training for his next race or capturing a breathtaking moment, Ewin embodies the spirit of perseverance and purpose and we're proud to have him apart of our team. 

Follow Ewin's journey on social media at https://www.instagram.com/teoewin?igsh=MWQycDY5ejRmNXg3Zg==

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