From Lower Back Injury to Full Marathon Runner. Meet Ghia

From Lower Back Injury to Full Marathon Runner. Meet Ghia

Meet Ghia, affectionately known among her close friends as Pep and La to her family. Ghia resides in the beautiful Philippines with her 18-year-old son;  she's an International Psychology professional, a dedicated yoga teacher, and on a journey to deepen her Sports Psychology practice. On top of that, Ghia has a deep passion for endurance sports, particularly triathlon and running. As one of our newly appointed ambassadors in the Philippines we interviewed Ghia to find out more about her journey and what she hopes to achieve as a Purpose ambassador. 

Ghia’s Triathlon Journey 

In 2016, Ghia faced a lower back injury that led her doctor to recommend steering clear of endurance sports. However, with determination and a doctor's approval, she began her journey with a five-kilometer promise. Guided by body awareness and a commitment to strengthen her core through yoga, Ghia gradually expanded her horizons. Before she knew it, she defied all odds and completed a full marathon. To Ghia, endurance sport is not just a test of physical capacity but a testament to the power of starting from zero.

Triathlon Triumphs and Challenges

Ghia's tenacity shines through her achievements, with numerous Ironman 70.3s, marathons, and Olympic-distance races under her belt. Her proudest moment? Finishing a 70.3 in Vietnam after a bike crash dislocated her left shoulder. Stubbornness and adrenaline propelled her across the finish line, despite the pain that awaited her after the race. 

Balancing a demanding training program with the responsibilities of a day job and family life is a constant struggle for any age grouper. Ghia addresses this challenge by meditating on her purpose and finding strength in the conviction that her journey inspires others to push their limits.

Ghia's Commitment to Purpose

For Ghia, becoming a Purpose Ambassador is not just about the title; it's about the ethos it represents. Her goal is to deepen her purpose, using this platform to show people that they can conquer challenges, regardless of their life outside of sports. Ghia aspires to finish races earlier so she can cheer and welcome others at the finish line, spreading the spirit of camaraderie among athletes.In her role as a Purpose Ambassador, Ghia seeks to expand her reach and collaborate with fellow Ambassadors, fostering a community that moves for others. Through her journey, she aims to inspire individuals to embrace challenges, find their purpose, and move with determination.

Ghia’s Advice for  Newbies in Triathlon

Ghia shares valuable insights for those venturing into endurance sports:

  • Zero is a good place to start.
  • Find your WHY.
  • Trust your coach.
  • Challenge yourself; winning is not the only goal.
  • Safety is paramount in any race.
  • Move with Purpose to overcome the inevitable fatigue.

Life Beyond Triathlon

Beyond the world of endurance sports, Ghia dreams of running the original marathon route in Greece before turning 40. As for her personal quirks, she proudly declares a dislike for spicy food, an unconventional approach to hair care, and the admission that she snores loudly.


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