CEO Reflections on a Purpose-Powered Year: 2023 in Review

CEO Reflections on a Purpose-Powered Year: 2023 in Review

Dear Purpose community,

We’re nine days into the New Year and we’ve finally had a chance to spend some time reflecting on 2023 - I’m currently typing away our collective thoughts at 30,000 feet on my way to charm some new partners. I’ve taken a moment to let the whirlwind of last year sink in, and can I just say, what a ride it was! 

I'm practically bursting with pride and gratitude as I reflect on the rollercoaster of achievements, milestones, and connections the team at Purpose has made throughout 2023. While this might not be an official annual report (yet), I’m pleased to say Purpose Performance Wear has grown exponentially in the world of endurance apparel and honestly, I'm more excited than my daughters when they play with my phone (more about parenting do’s and don’t on another post).

Here’s how 2023 went down. 

Quarter 1 - Laying the Foundation and Building a Winning Team

It was in November 2022 when I first aligned with Noor Aziz, Founder and Chief Product Officer of the company about what we wanted Purpose to stand for and we dove head down into 2023 with a strong ambition to fulfill this mission. These strategic conversations weren't just small talk; they were the backstage passes to what would become a year of collaborations, partnerships, and innovation.

Together our goal was to power and empower not just a few, but many underserved communities globally. Our game plan was not just about creating products; it was about engineering gear that laughs in the face of the brutal heat and humidity and championing the needs of diverse sporting communities and cultures in the world of endurance sport. Because, let's face it, the world of endurance sports is as diverse as it gets, and we want to make sure everyone gets a seat at the table. We want to make sure everyone gets the support of a brand that truly understands their needs. 

Come February, we went on a talent and partner hunt – not just for anyone, but the kind of people that believe in our mission. We wanted a squad of all-stars. We knew we needed a team that could help us turn that mission statement into reality and a team motivated to build something different - and not just for the sake of being different. Different to us means making a proper impact into what the world of endurance sports needs. 

March was the month where our stars aligned. As I was transitioning out of my previous role in a SaaS company, my official appointment as the CEO was stamped, sealed, and delivered and new team members joined. 

Let the Purpose games begin! 

Quarter 2 - Launches and Collaborations 

As the new team, both employees, athletes and partners settled in, April was a load of work but also a lot of fun.

I was buzzing with excitement, to present our products to the triathlon, running and cycling community. Ironman Desaru was my inaugural expo proudly representing Purpose, and the energy was electric. For the first time I wasn’t the age grouper coming to the expo, I was actually supporting the whole community, especially my wife who was doing her first Olympic race. I literally lost my voice screaming at everyone (in support of course). 

This quarter was also the ignition of our global expansion as Purpose hit the shelves at retail stores, Sported in Dubai. We weren't just dipping our toes; we were making waves because in our playbook, the Middle East is an underserved and unrecognized endurance market. 

Then came May – the month we cranked things up. 

We weren't just unveiling new colors, we were launching new collections with professional athletes such as Dr Dan Plews with his Deliberate Performance running and cycling range. This wasn't just gear; it was a manifesto for those who crave purpose in every stride and pedal. And oh boy, did it get a good response. 

In June we also sponsored Powerman Malaysia - another weekend of incredible racing, events and sales in a market that’s incredibly important to us. We organized some community runs which were absolutely brilliant. I loved to see and meet the community and understand better how they train. I then flew to Germany with my family, representing Purpose at Challenge Roth for my first long distance race! A very emotional race it was, I’ve written about it in my previous post. 

And just when we thought Q2 couldn't get any better, we dropped the Andy Wibowo running collection. Just like this incredibly fast Indonesian triathlete, these running tops flew off the shelves like they had wings!

Quarter 3 - From the and Beyond

July was more than just summer vibes; it was the ignition of our partnership with deboer wetsuits, unleashing the finest wetsuits to Southeast Asia’s swimmers through Purpose. No more compromising on quality for triathletes in this region; together we’re here to help level the playing field. 

August brought the PTO Asian Open, and we didn't just attend – we owned it. Our commitment to community engagement was on full display as we rolled out events and brought in the pros to meet our community - thanks to our partners like deboer but also Pillar Performance who came and helped. It wasn't just a race; it was a Purpose-powered celebration.

And while the PTO Asian Open stole the spotlight, we didn't forget our friends in Indonesia. In this quarter Indonesians were able to save on shipping fees by shopping Purpose online on Tokopedia. It was part of our effort to make sure the Purpose passion reaches every corner of the archipelago. Meanwhile, we were getting deals ready for our Malaysian customers to flex those shopping muscles in person at the retail store, KeyPower Sports in Q4.

Quarter 4 - Races Galore and Setting the Scene for 2024: A Grand Finale

October was nothing short of a blockbuster as Purpose took center stage at the iconic Ironman Langkawi – an event etched in Purpose's DNA since day one. We didn't just race; we made memories. Our team and I not only performed well on course with several podium finishes, but we also set up camp with an expo booth and hosted pre-race shindigs to thank and recognize our loyal customers. 

It was at Langkawi that we dropped the bombshell about venturing into more technical apparel, and our athletes made waves in the TSUNAMI 3.0 from deboer – a nod to the unwavering support we've got from deboer for this region.

November was all about setting the stage for the future. 

We unleashed the 2024 Ambassador program across India, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Southeast Asia. It’s part of our commitment to get to know and support more endurance sports communities.

But that's not all – the Global Racing Team program was born, a powerhouse collaboration with SFuels for endurance nutrition and EndureIQ for endurance coaching. Because when we partner with others, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. 

As the year wound down, we had fun on home turf taking part in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon expo. We also welcomed new pro athletes into the Purpose family – Heather Neill, Brett Hallam, and Lottie Lucas – and reaffirmed our commitment with Matt Kerr. At the same time, we expanded our line up of elite age group athletes across the Asia Pacific region. 

And if that's not enough, Noor and I dove deep into product development discussions with our factory, unveiling a swanky new warehouse in Malaysia, and locking in deals with new business partners down under in Australia and New Zealand.

In a Nutshell: Unprecedented Growth and Collective Achievements 

As the curtain falls on this spectacular year, Purpose has not just grown; it has soared. Our team, like a well-tuned engine, not only grew but evolved, and I am happy to say that we're now on more and more people’s radar (including on their social feeds).

The commitment we also put in while supporting our custom club orders resulted in more than just a spike – it was central to ensuring club members, big or small, triathlon running or cycling, can train and compete in high performance apparel in their own colors. 

Our Purpose athletes didn't just succeed; they conquered, just like Dan Plews who smashed the Ironman world record. And the global accessibility of Purpose? Well, it's not just about reaching new shores; it's about leaving an indelible mark on the endurance community worldwide.

As I reminisce about the whirlwind that was 2023, my heart is brimming with gratitude for each member of the Purpose community. Your passion, dedication, and unwavering support has truly been the secret sauce behind our success. Together, we're not just setting the bar; we're rewriting the entire script for excellence in endurance apparel. 

And believe me, the road ahead is paved with limitless possibilities.

Notwithstanding, I would be naive not to recognise that it won’t be without challenges. If we want to make 2024 another year of success, what 2023 taught me is that it cannot happen with you all. Without the support of our team, our customers, our community leaders, our Pro athletes and our elite age groupers. 

At Purpose, we aren't just about apparel; we're about championing the forgotten and spearheading a movement for true diversity in sports. Because our mission isn't just about reaching the finish line; it's about making sure everyone gets to join the race. 

Here's to 2023 – a year that wasn't just epic but truly Purpose-powered. Let’s come together to make sure the lion roars way beyond its Little Red Dot in 2024. 

Best regards,

Cyril Bedat 

CEO, Purpose Performance Wear

— End — 


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Nicole Iman

Chief Marketing Officer 

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