Leading with Purpose - Triathlete & CEO

Leading with Purpose - Triathlete & CEO

Embarking on a journey to become a triathlete and compete in a full triathlon is no small feat. The rigorous training, dedication, and relentless pursuit of physical and mental strength to complete a 3.8 kilometer (2.4 mile) swim, a 180.2 km (112 mile) bike, and a full marathon of 42.2 km (26.2 mile) is not for the faint hearted.

Now imagine training for that while shouldering the responsibilities of CEO of a rapidly growing company, as well as a loving father and husband. 

The story of Triathlete and CEO, Cyril Bedat

This is the inspiring story of Swiss born Cyril Bedat who is living in Singapore and  defying the boundaries of what is possible. Cyril epitomizes discipline, resilience, and commitment and with his unyielding spirit he not only tackles the demanding nature of training for his first long distance triathlon, but also takes on the leadership role of CEO at Purpose Performance. 

In this interview, we find out more about his journey into triathlon and how he balances his training with his professional and personal responsibilities.

You will see how his journey as a triathlete has shaped his leadership approach and decision-making, while his personal experience as an athlete has significantly influenced the corporate culture at Purpose. It’s an inspiring story that serves as a reminder to us all to embrace our own potential and redefine our limits. 

From Novice to Triathlete: 

Cyril's journey as a triathlete began when a friend encouraged him to try the sport in 2017. Intrigued by the challenge and fascinated by the dedication of triathletes, he decided to give it a shot.

Over time, he trained diligently, participating in various triathlons, and it was during his first 70.3 race in Santa Cruz in 2017 that he realized the transformative power of endurance sports.

It was then that he decided to leave the corporate world, pursue his passion as his career, and start training for Challenge Roth.  

Striking the Balance Between Triathlon Training, Life and Work.

As the CEO of Purpose Performance, Cyril says setting clear goals for both his professional responsibilities and triathlon training is his number one priority. By managing his time to work towards these goals, and scheduling workouts around work and personal commitments, he ensures he strikes the balance and stays on track.

With the support of his coach and family, he also mentioned that he is able to leverage the mental resilience, adaptability and discipline developed through triathlon training to excel in his professional life.

Athlete-Influenced Leadership: 

As an athlete, Cyril understands the significance of resilience, discipline, and passion and those who work with him will testify that these attributes have profoundly influenced his leadership style at Purpose.

Recognizing the commitment and dedication inherent in the triathlon community, Cyril says he seeks out individuals who share these qualities when building his team.

Furthermore, his personal passion for the sport translates into Purpose's mission and values, thereby helping the company to create a brand that is both business-driven and deeply connected to the endurance sports community.

Strategies for Triathlon & Professional Success: 

To Cyril, leading a company is akin to participating in a long-distance triathlon. By focusing on Purpose's long-term goals and embodying their core values, he  ensures that his decision-making remains purposeful. 

Cyril's ability to stay motivated and persevere in both his triathlon training and professional endeavors also stems from his belief in continuous improvement and his dedication to his purpose.

These strategies have not only helped him overcome challenges in his training but also positioned Purpose as a driving force in the endurance sports industry.

An Inspiration to Many 

Cyril's journey as a CEO and triathlete serves as an inspiration to individuals striving for excellence in both their personal and professional lives. His ability to balance his responsibilities, his dedication to his training, and his commitment to his company shows the power of discipline, resilience, and passion.

His story teaches us that with clear goals, a strong support system, and a steadfast belief in one's purpose, anyone can achieve greatness. 

As Cyril approaches the Challenge Roth triathlon, he continues to embody the values and aspirations of Purpose, striving to redefine endurance sports and support athletes around the world in their quest for self-discovery and overcoming challenges. 

Team Purpose wishes Cyril all the very best at Challenge Roth.

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