Olympian Endorsed: What Josiah Ng says about the PURPOSE Pro v3 jersey and bib shorts

Olympian Endorsed: What Josiah Ng says about the PURPOSE Pro v3 jersey and bib shorts

Like all users who are new to any product, Josiah has at first, some reservations about the quality of the PURPOSE cycling kits. Understandably so,

because being a 3-time Olympian, Commonwealth Gold Medalist, and former Keirin World Number 1, he’s been exposed to many cycling kits. No doubt some are from the world’s most reputable brands.

So PURPOSE cycling jerseys and bib shorts have some high marks to score. Although a newcomer, we still are the only triathlon, cycling and running brand in the world to make triathlon, cycling and running wear for the heat and humidity of Southeast Asia weather.

Since retiring from top-level cycling, Josiah is now based in Malaysia and heads cycling development for Team Sarawak.

Now married with a one-year-old daughter, not only does comfort and performance of cycling jerseys for hot, humid weather comes into play, safety also becomes paramount.

With its special HYPERMESHTM RFLKT reflective coating layer on all cycling jerseys and bib shorts, it’s a bonus feature that comes standard. Watch Josiah’s first impressions on PURPOSE cycling jerseys and bib shorts, below.

Real important for me as a father to a one-year-old, you know, safety is is paramount. In terms of fit, I was a little bit concerned in the beginning because purpose only makes racing cut.
You know, I've got the dad bod going so with the race cut, I thought okay, this will be interesting but I was pleasantly surprised. It fits well. What stands out is it's very comfortable.

I don't really feel any discomfort from the straps, the material is great, very high-level material. If you use some, you know, not so the top of the line material, it rubs on you.
And you can tell the difference, you can feel the difference with purpose. It's very comfortable. I really like the pads. It's on the thinner side of pads. Most pads I think are too thick.

One thing I really really appreciate is the full reflective panels. Fully reflective. I mean, I've never seen that on other shorts. I've seen as they have like little strips or logos but not full entire panel being reflective.
Really important for me, as a father to a one-year-old. Safety is paramount. With the added reflectivity and then the bright colours of a jersey.

I've got my bases covered. So yes, I recommend their race cut jersey and their bibs.

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