Unveiling the Triathlete Spirit: Benoit Besnier's Journey

Unveiling the Triathlete Spirit: Benoit Besnier's Journey

Benoit Besnier, a French native who has called Singapore home since 2017, is more than just a triathlete; he is a driving force behind Singapore’s triathlon community. For Benoit, sports transcends mere competition; it embodies a lifestyle that enriches and defines his sense of purpose. As the CEO of The Tribe Coaching, Benoit juggles the life of an athlete, business owner, husband and Coach. With his sights set on T100 Singapore we caught up with Benoit to find out more about his triathlon journey. 

Fuelling The Triathlon Passion

Benoit's journey into the world of endurance sport began at the age of 11, when he took his first strides during a school Cross-Country race. From that moment he was hooked. His dedication and talent led him to remarkable achievements, including claiming the French National Champion title in the Steeplechase U18 category and he went on to secure numerous podium finishes in middle-distance races. 

It wasn’t until 2018 that Benoit transitioned from running to triathlon. This was driven by his unyielding passion for sports, the connections he forged in the sporting community, and was fortified by his certification in swim coaching. 

Triathlon Triumphs and Challenges

Benoit's racing repertoire boasts an impressive number of races. Despite his innate motivation to race at his best, he emphasizes the importance of setting racing goals to help maintain consistency and avoid showing up unfit for a race. 

Driven by a desire to inspire others and elevate the sport of triathlon in Singapore, Benoit applied to be a Purpose Ambassador. “Purpose prioritizes comfort, quality, durability, and breathability to meet the demands of the region's hot and humid climate. As an ambassador, I aim to share my passion for triathlon and empower my athletes to conquer challenges with confidence. Being equipped with the finest gear is a big piece of this puzzle,” said Benoit.

Words of Wisdom for Newbies

To newcomers venturing into endurance sports, Benoit offers valuable advice. 

“Endurance sport provides an avenue for exploration and self-discovery. The key is to set achievable goals and embrace gradual progress to ensure a fulfilling and lasting journey. Whether one chooses to go further, or simply revel in the present, endurance sport gives a feeling of escapism,” said Benoit.

Beyond Triathlon

Beyond Benoit’s racing pursuits, he harbors a deep appreciation for the sports industry's ecosystems and innovations. “I believe today’s athletes' strong pursuit of excellence has compelled many brands to innovate with high-performance products. Consequently, this has also benefited the casual sports enthusiast,” said Benoit. 

As the CEO of The Tribe Coaching, Benoit endeavors to awaken the inner athlete in individuals of all ages through personalized coaching programs, private coaching sessions, and kids' camp triathlons.

Follow The Tribe Coaching at https://www.instagram.com/thetribecoaching/

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