Chasing Rainbows. When effort means more than outcome

Chasing Rainbows. When effort means more than outcome

Rainbow Chasing: A person who is out of touch with reality. They chase dreams that are too old for or are not talented enough to be chasing ~ Urban Dictionary

Chase Rainbows: If someone chases rainbows, they are trying to achieve something they will never achieve

However, respectfully I disagree with the two definitions above. Life’s meaning is not in the destination that you get at the end, but in the things gained from the journey taken.

As I was busy working on the theme and designs for the upcoming special edition of the women’s cycling jersey from Purpose, Chasing Rainbow as a theme resonated.

Not just because that colors will be a nice underlying theme for this women’s only series, overlaid over Purpose’s iconic black, white and gold motif of it’s cycling jerseys, but also because of Chasing Rainbows as a theme for the purpose of taking on tasks. The purpose of us as humans ourselves.

When we stop chasing rainbows we stop making effort.

Life is vast array of experiences – colors. Life is also about effort – purpose.Colors, and purpose. These two play a part in redefining what Chasing Rainbows mean.

As with every one of our endeavours, we don’t become good at something by starting it, we become good by repeating it over and over again. Training. Sometimes the outcome may be different than what we expect.

With each try however, we learn something new. We build upon that experience. We chase rainbows not because we get to reach it, we chase them because we know we’re going to grow in the meantime.

Even though we know that there is no rainbow. Chasing rainbows should not be a definition of a futile attempt. It’s the effort that bears the result, not the rainbow itself.

On the special edition women’s cycling jerseys. More details and visuals in follow up posts. Or visit Purpose Magazine, the content section of Purpose Cycling for more.

Note: This article is also posted on Medium, a site I use to share thoughts and opinions on creativity, design, culture and psychology.

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