Purpose Hypermesh PRO or ELITE. Which is Right for You?

Purpose Hypermesh PRO or ELITE. Which is Right for You?

Purpose is renowned by triathletes, runners and cyclists for our unique Hypermesh fabric technology which is strong and sturdy, yet light and breathable for training and racing in the heat and humidity.

What is Hypermesh?

A mesh fabric constructed with a mix of polyamide and elastane that is proprietary to PURPOSE. Hypermesh is strong and sturdy for the battles of the day, yet light, durable and breathable for high-performance and comfort in brutal heat and humidity.

Proven to perform at over 90% humidity, it's even superior everywhere else where heat is the enemy.

While both the PRO and ELITE are suitable for any kind of training or racing, and both regulate body temperature and wick away sweat there are indeed some key differences. 

Hypermesh Pro

Hypermesh Pro is made from a unique, high-tensile, lightweight mesh fabric, found only in Purpose triathlon suits, running kits and cycling jerseys. It provides exceptional breathability, moisture and body temperature management. 

Hypermesh PRO has a close-fitting design that is less stretchy and therefore provides better compression. It has a dimple like effect that is sweat-wicking, reduces drag and improves performance

Hypermesh Elite

HyperMesh Elite is also made from a lightweight, breathable fabric. Being a nylon/spandex mix it provides more fabric stretches and better overall protection from the sun, but has a similar close-fitting design.

Hypermesh ELITE does away with the dimple features, but it comes with better UV protection and less fabric translucency. 

Key features at a glance

 Hypermesh PRO Hypermesh ELITE
Fabric Tech 100 gram high-tensile weave with air-flowthrough mesh 120 gram non-weave polyamide/elastane weave
Best-For-Use Racing/Training (Tri suits) Tracks & Intervals Workouts (Running) Training/Racing (Tri Suits) General and Long Distance Running (Running)
Breathability 95/100 80/100
Temperature Management 95/100 75/100
Stretchability 75/100 90/100
Compression 90/100 80/100
UV Protection 3.5/5 4.5/5
Chamois Tech 5/5 5/5
Fabric Source Korea & Taiwan Italy & China



Hypermesh Pro+ Coming Soon

The upcoming Hypermesh Pro+ is precision-crafted for athletes who are dedicated to shaving off every crucial second.

Featuring the innovative SpeedSleeve, a seamless integration of heat and humidity management with unparalleled aerodynamics. The SpeedSleeve is a fusion of 70% Nylon, 20% Polyamide, and 10% Elastane. 

The body - always Hypermesh Pro. Unsurpassed in heat management capability. 


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