Why Purpose

Purpose began with one mission – Make the most comfortable performance jerseys you will ever wear.

Since then, with support from cyclists and athletes like you, we have been growing.

What began with making the most comfortable best looking jerseys led us to seek something greater. Something bigger.

What if we can help every triathlete, cyclist, and runner become better? What if we can help athletes become better when they can find and become one with their purpose?

We believe that as we're seeking the things we seek; the greatest thing we can do to ourselves, is find our purpose.

The Four Stages of Purpose

Our tenets revolve around the four stages of purpose - Team, Ambition, Victory and Flow

PURPOSE - TEAM Purpose TeamTeamwork; community; the group. It is amazing what we can achieve when we are united in purpose. 

PURPOSE - AMBITIONPurpose Ambition Dreams; goals; passion. Because the greatest thing we can do to ourselves is find our purpose.

PURPOSE - VICTORYPurpose VictoryOvercome; conquer; succeed. Celebrate, not because we won over others, but because we won over ourselves. 

PURPOSE - FLOWPurpose FlowRise above; transcend; go beyond. We are best when we can find our own way from listening to our inner voice.

Thus it is our belief that wherever you are, you will always have purpose.

The Purpose Guarantee


We will replace your Purpose item if damaged due to cases of accidents. Return the damaged item to us and we will ship a replacement over.


As you grow in your own purpose, you may lose a size or two. If this happen, we will replace your previous larger Purpose item with the new smaller one.


You have 30 days to try Purpose. If you’re not happy, we will refund or replace them.


Repeat purchases unlocks a discount. We are confident you’ll love Purpose and we want you to come back; by yourself or with friends.
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