In many ways, the launch of the PURPOSE 20/21 Season Series is influenced by the transformative period that we are all going through. As the team and I were brainstorming on the theme that will carry through the stories we want to tell,

we know that it must resonate with what everyone is facing and feeling, especially being kept out of action for a very long time.

At the same time, we want to create products that go deeper into the roots of who we are. Over the years, we have grown from not only being products well designed for triathletes and cyclists, but we have also become more focused on developing innovation behind these products.

We have also expanded our range to include performance running kits. This means that we can now truly call ourselves a brand for triathlon. For swim, bike, and run.

With a push towards kit and fabric innovation, we spent much of the beginning of the year developing new upgrades to our kits. Testing new patterns, trying innovations in fabric panels, improving on some of the construction and implementing different hydrophobic materials and fabric meshes for the ITU racing kits.

To demonstrate this, we even registered HYPERMESH as a trademark. The first quarter of the year was a period of excellence. We had an optimistic outlook and we were confident we would grow again this year.

Then COVID-19 struck.

From striving for excellence, we had to become adaptable. We had to do what many businesses in the apparel segment also had to do – reduce spending, increase sales, adopt a wait-and-see approach.

Nothing spectacular apart from adapting and surviving. Something which all other business had to do as well. Six months have passed. It was, maybe still is, a period of survivability for us.

We had to survive, yet we had to thrive.

To me, it was never about the delicate task of trying to survive, but it was about finding ways to flourish. Despite the times, I still want the brand to grow.

I feel it was important to keep taking two steps forward at every chance we get. We are growing so it’s only right to capitalise on the momentum and keep moving.

Be adaptable, yet be ready.

There was a period where as a team, we talked about what to do for the new ‘season’. At the end of it, we reached a consensus that the time is just as right as ever to launch the new series, albeit a little delayed so that we can time the release to be as close as possible to when countries open again and races start to take place.

We know that everyone’s been adaptable and as a brand, we have to be who our wearers are as well. Thus, we wanted a theme that will represent what all of these mean. A theme that is functional; something that will drive the product thinking, as well as a theme that is emotional; something that symbolises what everyone has gone through, and is feeling right now.

Reptiles. Dormant yet deadly, silent yet striking.

Reptiles not only live between two worlds, but they also thrive in both. They’ve developed capabilities that will allow them to succeed in multiple environments.

They’ve become able to adapt, becoming prey and predators depending on their needs and social environments. They change colours to attract, repel, attack or defend.

In these ways they are are us, the tri- and multisport athletes. We are them. In our sports, we’ve learnt and adapted ourselves in three environments. Recently we have learnt to adapt to being dormant, yet ready to strike when the time is right. Not moving does not mean not deadly. Because we are ready.

Today I’m proud to write this note, as we launch the new 20/21 Season Series. The most part of this year has indeed been a trying one for us all and like you, I do hope that this will end soon.

We’re all ready and geared for action and when the time comes, we shall all move swiftly. In the meantime, the PURPOSE team and I do hope that you’re excited about the new designs and upgrades as we are.

To us, the new range is more than just a new look or the update in functionality. They symbolise us and our capability to still dream of the best even in the face of the monumental tasks ahead of us.

It’s Time To Strike.

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