An easier way to Custom with Custom by Purpose

An easier way to Custom with Custom by Purpose
Message from Founder, Noor Aziz

Nothing happens by staying still

Hello all;

Today I’m proud to announce CUSTOM by PURPOSE, an end-to-end online design-to-production, including order taking and fulfilment facility for teams, clubs, groups and corporate customers.

Since we launched PURPOSE Custom services 2 years ago, it has grown and contributes a large percentage to our revenues with racings teams, tri and cycling groups, as well as corporates clubs from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, United States, France and many others choosing to wear custom kits made by PURPOSE.

Now we’re taking custom to the next level.

4 months ago the team started thinking what this next level is. From there came CUSTOM by PURPOSE. Although we have gotten far from where we started, we will keep doing more. Technology is organic and it is meant to evolve over time. We intend for CUSTOM by PURPOSE to grow.

We want the service to and expand its capabilities, enabling better, more intuitive ways to design, sell and produce custom kits. The team is proud of what they have built, given just a short few months of development.

Introducing CUSTOM by PURPOSE

Easier Way to Custom. Easier Way to Make & Sell. Easier Way to Group Orders.

Whilst CUSTOM by PURPOSE may not be the first to provide an online self-service design tool, it does offer some very unique services not provided by others.

From now fitness clubs, gyms and bike retail shops will be able to set up their own Club Shops, with their own unique shop name for their members or customers to buy from.

Easier Way to Custom

With a more robust 3D design engine, everyone can now design their own custom kits in their own way. Beyond just selecting from templates, they can also design kits from a blank canvas.

There are more than 100 colours to choose from and a myriad of freeform ways that they can add personalisation options like adding of names, country names, flags, sponsor logos and other patterns.

Soon, personalisation options will be enabled on all PURPOSE kits past and present. This means that every user can add their names, country flags or logos even on individual kits to make every kit truly personal.

Easier Way to Make & Sell

One of the pain points that all teams and clubs faced is in producing the minimum quantity required. They also faced with the uncertainty of not being able to sell excess kits should they make more. CUSTOM by PURPOSE solves this by turning every item into a virtual inventory.

They are produced only when orders reached the set quantity per order cycle. And clubs can continue selling without an end date.

For example, a gym or bike shop can start by making only 10 units of t-shirts for their coaches and crew. Without having to make any more, the gym or bike shop can sell these kits virtually, along with other versions like polo tee, hoodies and jackets on their CUSTOM by PURPOSE Club Shop. Their members and customers who are interested can buy them from the Club Shop, made on-demand.

No inventory upfront while creating brand presence for themselves. Produced only when needed. Money saved.

Easier Way to Group Orders

Another pain point that clubs and teams faced, is in order collation and payments. The usual method has always been collating orders and collecting payments from individual members manually.

This continues to the fulfilment of the items which happen on an as-and-when basis. A volunteer is required to do all this, most time with chagrin.

CUSTOM by PURPOSE solves all of these, including item fulfilment to every member. Orders, payments and address details are all done by CUSTOM by PURPOSE. No headaches. We make it easier to group orders.

At launch, the feature sets of CUSTOM by PURPOSE are extensive. Yet this is just the beginning of what CUSTOM by PURPOSE will be.

Because of who we are, custom products offered will be wider than just cycling jerseys. Although what’s available today are cycling jerseys, tri suits, running t-shirts, singlets, casual team tees and team polo tees; we will be expanding these as well as adding more feature sets over the next weeks and months progressively.

For those interested in CUSTOM by PURPOSE, please visit this link –

Thank you, and sincerely

Noor Aziz
Founder, Purpose

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