Beyond Limits: Martini's Ultramarathon Journey

Beyond Limits: Martini's Ultramarathon Journey

Meet Martini Abdul Talib, affectionately known in Singapore’s trail running scene as MommyQueen. Martini is a Singaporean mother of three, who has shattered stereotypes and pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a stay-at-home mom. Trading her role as a teacher for the rewarding yet demanding job of raising her children, Martini found solace and strength in an unexpected place: ultramarathon running.

A Dare Turned into a Ultramarathon Dream

Martini's journey into the world of running began in 2012, shortly after the birth of her third child. Determined to shed her pregnancy weight, she embarked on a mission to reclaim her fitness. Armed with sheer determination, she signed up for a modest 6km race at East Coast Park, Singapore.

Her initial steps were slow, marked by more walking than running. But with each stride, Martini found herself gaining ground. Within a month of rigorous training, she achieved a significant milestone: running non-stop for 10 laps. Encouraged by her progress, she expanded her horizons, tackling longer distances and more challenging terrains.

Fuelling The Ultramarathon Passion

For Martini, running isn't just about physical fitness; it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It's her solitary sanctuary, where every session presents a new challenge to overcome. Whether it's battling fatigue, conquering doubt, or pushing through pain, each hurdle only fuels her determination.

Her racing resume reads like a testament to her tenacity. From local 5km races to grueling 100km ultramarathons, Martini has conquered them all. But her most significant achievements extend beyond podium finishes. It's the relentless pursuit of excellence in her training regimen that fuels her passion.

Ultramarathon Triumphs and Challenges

As a stay-at-home mom without the luxury of assistance, Martini faces a unique set of challenges. Balancing her children's needs with her training schedule requires meticulous planning and dedication. Despite the time constraints, she's mastered the art of maximizing every available moment.From splitting her training sessions to embracing the sweltering heat of Singapore's climate, Martini refuses to let obstacles hinder her progress. 

She too has also faced her fair share of running injuries and woes. Her journey took a dramatic turn during a hiking trip in Nepal in February 2019, resulting in a serious ankle injury that required a metal plate, 6 screws, and 1 tightrope. Despite the setback, Martini's resilience shone through as she continued the hike and even enjoyed shopping for the next seven days. 

Upon returning to Singapore, she discovered the extent of her injury and underwent four months of recuperation and rehab. Remarkably, within six months, Martini was back on the trails in Malaysia, and by the eighth month, she completed a grueling 55km Ultra Race. Ending the year with a bang, she crossed the finish line of a Full Marathon at the Singapore Marathon, showcasing her unwavering determination and resilience.

The Ultramarathon Balancing Act

Martini's journey isn't just about personal triumph; it's about inspiring others to embrace their own potential. As a Purpose Ambassador, she's on a mission to empower fellow stay-at-home moms to pursue their passions, no matter the odds.

Her message to newcomers in the world of endurance sports is simple yet profound: "Cultivate the habit, respect the distance, and never underestimate your capabilities", said Martini. Through her role, she hopes to instill a sense of confidence and resilience in others, proving that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.

Beyond Ultramarathon

While ultramarathon running may dominate Martini's life, her bucket list extends far beyond the race course. Dreaming of multi-stage races in exotic locales like Mongolia and Nepal, she harbors ambitions that transcend the confines of traditional boundaries.

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