From Swimming to Triathlon: Caroline Bridges

From Swimming to Triathlon: Caroline Bridges

Meet Caroline Bridges, a triathlete whose passion for swimming, cycling, and running knows no bounds. Hailing from the USA and UK but currently residing in Dubai, we caught up with Caroline to find out more about her journey into the world of triathlon. In this interview, she shares her story, challenges, triumphs, and aspirations as a triathlete.

Caroline has done every race distance, from sprint triathlon to Ironman distance, marathon swims, trail races, you name it. Currently she is enjoying Olympic distance triathlon as she shares anything with a bigger swim to bike ratio is great for her. Which is why she's very much looking forward to the T100 races this year in London and Dubai! 

Fuelling The Triathlon Passion

Caroline's journey into triathlon stemmed from her lifelong love for swimming. Having swam competitively through university, she found solace in running and weight training post-graduation. After many years away from competitive swimming she soon got “bored quickly” and the thrill of competition beckoned her once more. It was then that her roommate in Shanghai inspired her to embrace triathlon.

"Triathlon is truly a way of life, and once you’re in, you’re IN! Even if I don't have a race on the horizon, I’ll be doing a run/bike/swim daily because I genuinely love it and I feel my best when I am training," shared Caroline.

Conquering Challenges on the Road to Success

Like many, Caroline's journey hasn't been without its hurdles. Balancing training, work, and social commitments presents a constant challenge. Additionally, navigating through injuries has been disheartening at times. However, Caroline maintains resilience, drawing inspiration from fellow athletes like Lucy Charles-Barkley. 

"I try my best to have patience through those times (though my partner may disagree!). I have seen so many inspiring stories from amateurs and pros alike who bounce back from seemingly career-ending injuries and continue to push on and that has truly helped me," shared Caroline. 

A Commitment to Purpose

Caroline's dedication to triathlon extends beyond personal achievements as she strives to make the sport more inclusive and accessible, particularly for women. She believes in the power of representation and by being visible as a female triathlete and showcasing the camaraderie and support within the triathlon community she wants to inspire more women to pursue their athletic ambitions and break barriers in traditionally male-dominated sports.

"Purpose represents diversity and accessibility in triathlon, two big areas the sport is frankly lacking. I want to inspire others to embrace the joy and fulfillment that comes from participating in a triathlon by showcasing the fun and inclusive aspects of the sport, particularly highlighting the strong sense of community among female athletes.” shared Caroline.

When it comes to the product itself, Caroline shares that the fact that Purpose is made for heat training is essential for her as a triathlete training in Dubai. “A lot of “dry fit” material feels clingy and soggy after a long session, and Purpose is breathable and comfortable. The cute colors don’t hurt either!”

Beyond Endurance 

Outside of triathlon, Caroline finds solace in quieter moments. Balancing her rigorous training regime with her love for journaling and spending time with her rescue pup Lola brings her joy. As for her bucket list, it's no surprise that most items are endurance sport-related. 

When we asked what she wants newbies out there to know she replied, “Find a friendly community who you enjoy spending time with. I have seen so many people who thought the idea of doing even a sprint triathlon was beyond their reach. Once they find a group who are working towards the same goal, encouraging each other and having a laugh, the training and endurance comes naturally. Triathlon can be brutal, and if you’re not and trading war stories with friends, why put yourself through it?


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