Charlene Navigates the Triathlon Terrain with Grit & Grace

Charlene Navigates the Triathlon Terrain with Grit & Grace

Hailing from the vibrant city-state of Singapore, meet Charlene Tang, another Purpose triathlete who is on a mission and has chosen Purpose as their apparel sponsor. Charlene is currently immersed in the demanding training regimen for middle and full-distance triathlons and she’s a beacon of inspiration for those aspiring to tackle the challenges of the triathlon world. 

At the recent PTO Asian Open 2023, her name shone bright on the leaderboards. She not only claimed victory on home turf but did so with an emphatic first-place finish, showcasing not only her prowess but also her unyielding spirit.

How Charlene Began Her Triathlon Journey

Charlene's journey into the world of triathlon commenced in 2016. A relative newcomer, she dipped her toes into the sport by joining her university aquathlon team. With a natural progression from swimming and running, Charlene swiftly acquired a bike, and as she puts it, "went down the rabbit hole fast." The rest, as they say, is history.

With over 20 middle-distance races, including three 70.3 World Championships, and three full-distance races under her belt, Charlene has raced on courses all around the globe. When asked about her favorite, she enthusiastically mentions Challenge Roth, where the atmosphere and crowd support brought tears of joy amid the race.

Charlene's love for triathlon is deeply rooted in the continuous learning it offers. She says, the sport demand for patience, consistency, and hard work and this resonates with her deeply. She sees each training build and race as a journey of self-improvement. The supportive triathlon community further adds to the allure, keeping Charlene inspired and motivated.

Charlene's favorite and least favorite disciplines in triathlon are ever-changing, adding an element of unpredictability and fun to the sport.

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes 

Juggling work, triathlon, and family? Charlene's secret is compartmentalization. When she's at work, she's all in; when she's training, she's breaking personal records; and when it's family time, it's quality time. 

To stay motivated, Charlene constantly reminds herself of her purpose and goals (no pun intended). She notes to herself: brick by brick, you build your triathlon empire.

​​"Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour," said Charlene.

Pre-race hugs also top Charlene's list of race day essentials, emphasizing the importance of emotional support.

For those venturing into triathlon, Charlene assures that the community is welcoming, offering guidance and support. She emphasizes that the sport gives back as much as one puts in, with numerous life-expanding moments awaiting those on the triathlon journey.

Fun Triathlon and Non Triathlon Facts about Charlene

Triathlon idols: If given the chance to join a relay team with any athlete in the world, Charlene selects Lucy Charles for the swim, Taylor Knibb on the bike, and Kat Matthews on the run, admiring not just their athletic prowess but also their character and honesty in sharing their journey.

Cartoon idol: In the realm of cartoon characters, Charlene identifies with Mario—an embodiment of headstrong determination, courage, and a playful spirit.

Dream locale: Expressing her love for cycling, Charlene dreams of living in either Germany or the Netherlands, countries that embody a cyclist's paradise.

Beyond triathlon: Outside the triathlon realm, Charlene harbors a desire to explore single-sport ultra-distance races, adding another layer of challenge to her athletic pursuits.

Future race calendar: Looking ahead, Charlene's race calendar for 2024 includes marquee events like Challenge Roth, the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, and an array of European races, promising an exciting and action-packed year.


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