Swimmer Triathlete: Sella's Endurance Journey

Swimmer Triathlete: Sella's Endurance Journey

Sella Windi, an Indonesian athlete based in Wonosobo Java, spends her weekends in Yogyakarta engaging in social runs. By profession, she is a part-time personal trainer, dedicated to helping women become the best versions of themselves.

Sella’s journey into the world of triathlon began with her first love—swimming. She was a school athlete from the age of 10 and discovered the triathlon community at 26 after moving to Yogyakarta. “Sport is part of myself. I feel home and peace every time I do sport,” Sella shares. 

Races and Achievements: Pushing Limits

Sella has participated in numerous races, including running, triathlon, and open water swimming. Her most memorable achievement is completing the Ironman 70.3 in Lombok. This experience taught her invaluable lessons about triathlon, and she is determined to return to this distance stronger and faster.

In her relentless pursuit of personal growth she's gearing up for her next challenges which include the Sindoro Sumbing Triathlon and the Maybank Marathon, and has a goal of completing her the Borobudur Marathon. 

Balancing Training and Career: Overcoming Challenges

Finding a balance between training and career is Sella's biggest challenge. She juggles her demanding schedule by waking up early, often before sunrise, to ensure she meets her race goals without compromising her career. This discipline and determination are the cornerstone to overcoming obstacles and staying focused on her objectives.

A Commitment to Purpose

Sella’s desire to inspire others led her to Purpose. She aims to introduce triathlon to those around her, encouraging them to challenge themselves and overcome self-doubt.

“I want to introduce triathlon to people around me so they can challenge themselves when they doubt themselves. Purpose supports diversity; every athlete is equal here,” she says.

Ultimately, Sella hopes to show that nothing is impossible. She takes pride in her role and wishes to motivate her community by proving that even an international brand like Purpose began with small, local steps.

Beyond Endurance Sport

Beyond her endurance training, Sella has dreams of building a sports center. This ambition aligns with her passion for sports and her commitment to fostering a supportive community for athletes. Her vision extends beyond personal achievements, aiming to create a space where others can train, learn, and grow.

Advice for Newbie Triathletes: Embrace the Mental Game

For those new to endurance sports, Sella emphasizes the importance of mental strength.

“It’s all about mental games. Train smart with a structured training plan, learn from the professionals, and be confident,” she advises.

Her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey, highlighting the need for a strategic approach and self-belief.

Sella leaves us with a powerful message: “When you doubt yourself, I trust you. You can.” Her belief in others’ potential reflects her positive outlook and dedication to helping individuals overcome their limitations.

Sella's story is an inspiring journey of passion, perseverance, and purpose. Her dedication to sport, coupled with her desire to uplift others, makes her a remarkable role model. Whether she's training for her next race or encouraging someone new to triathlon, Sella embodies the spirit of determination and the power of believing in oneself.


Follow Sella's journey at https://www.instagram.com/sellawindi?igsh=MWhtN2pvbjZnZHBnZw==

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