Finding Purpose: A Chat with Pro Athlete Christian Davey

Finding Purpose: A Chat with Pro Athlete Christian Davey

Christian Davey, 26 years old, is a Kiwi triathlete who spends 4-5 months per year in Spain during New Zealand’s winter and the Euro summer and the remainder of the year training out of New Zealand's High Performance Centre Driven by a love for the sport and a constant desire to improve. Christian is currently building up for the European summer season of racing. 

His journey began by following in the footsteps of his brother and father, starting with cycling and running before diving into swimming. He laughs, "I could barely swim when I first started triathlon at 13 or 14 years old, but it's become a constant work in progress!" This dedication to improvement is a thread that runs throughout his career.

Racing with Passion and Balancing it All 

With hundreds of races under his belt, Christian struggles to pick a favorite. He fondly remembers, "Racing at the Spanish club races in front of passionate crowds on the stunning northern Spanish coastline" as a highlight. But for Christian, the true love affair lies with the "diversity, the challenge, and the racing" of triathlon. While initially drawn to team sports, he discovered that the individual disciplines in triathlon better suited his evolving competitive spirit.

We tried to uncover his pre-race rituals but aside from his race gear prep, Christian said he isn’t a superstitious person. “Things are always different, and racing all over the world, sometimes you just need to work with what you've got at that time. All I try to do is be present the whole time and enjoy everything that comes with racing!”

When asked about his favorite disciplines he responded that cycling and running would be his favorites, but then explained that it’s a constant love/hate relationship with them all. “They are all my favorites when I'm in that 'flow' state with them, and there are always good and bad days!” 

As we all know, balancing work, triathlon, and family is a constant challenge, but it’s one that Christian navigates with grace. "It's all about finding the balance and prioritizing what matters most," he explains. He emphasizes the importance of taking opportunities and saying no when necessary (even when it can be tough), so that he can keep his triathlon dreams at the forefront.

Fueling the Triathlon Fire

Christian's motivation is deeply personal. "I've always had an internal drive to improve and perform at the highest level," he shares. He thrives on making small improvements in each discipline and finds additional motivation in upcoming races.

For aspiring triathletes, Christian's message is simple: "Just get started!”

“It doesn't matter how, where, or what your goals are. If triathlon is for you, you will have just embarked on an endless journey! It'll take you for a ride that's for sure. It is surprisingly addictive and will always provide purpose in your life.”

When asked who he would choose for a relay team, Christian jokes, "Cyril Bedat! (Although, let's do it one day!)" Although he admits to looking up to a lot of different professional triathletes across both short and long distance, he reveals his true dream team would be: "both my brother and dad! It would mean they were still racing, and it would feel like being a youngster chasing them on the bike again."

Beyond the Finishing Line 

Beyond triathlon, Christian's adventurous spirit craves excitement and challenges. He hasn't yet decided on a specific bucket list destination, but he values a strong community, a connection with nature, and good weather, elements that he finds readily available in both New Zealand and his training haven in Spain.

Christian Davey exemplifies the Purpose spirit. He embodies dedication, perseverance, and a love for the sport that inspires others to chase their own dreams. As he continues his journey, one can't help but be drawn to his infectious enthusiasm and the boundless potential that lies ahead.

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