Haziq: Endurance Maverick Making Waves in Triathlon

Haziq: Endurance Maverick Making Waves in Triathlon

Meet Qamarul Haziq, or as he's fondly known, Haziq Piyoh. Hailing from Kuala Kangsar and now calling Klang, Selangor his home, Haziq is a dedicated school teacher, shaping young minds in a rural area by day. But outside of school hours, you'll find him donning his swim gear, coaching aspiring athletes, and spreading his love for community fitness.

So, how did this teacher-turned-triathlete kick off his journey into the world of endurance sports? Well, it all began with a splash. Haziq dipped his toes into the waters of endurance sports with a remarkable feat - a 120KM kayak journey that etched his name into the Malaysian Book of Records in 2018. From there he found himself intrigued by the world of triathlon.

Getting Started with Triathlon 

From sprinting through aquathlons to conquering triathlons, Haziq has left his mark on every racecourse he's tackled. Notable highlights include clinching the 3rd place spot in the Aquathlon Melaka 2020 and proudly donning the Finisher's medal at Ironman Langkawi 2023, after  14 hours and 26 minutes of pure grit and determination. 

A Purpose-driven Athlete

But Haziq's journey isn't just about personal achievements. It's about inspiring others to push their limits and reach for the stars. Haziq aims to ignite the spark of passion in fellow athletes and showcase the power of perseverance.

In the face of challenges like budget constraints and time limitations due to his daily ferry commute for work, Haziq refuses to back down. He rises before the crack of dawn, squeezes in training sessions after work, and embodies the true spirit of resilience.

Haziq’s words of wisdom for newbie triathletes

When asked about his message to newbies venturing into the world of endurance sports, Haziq's words ring loud and clear - "It's never too late to start." 

Beyond the racecourse, Haziq finds solace in fashion and the great outdoors. When he's not smashing personal records, you'll catch him kayaking through serene waters or trekking up majestic trails. And speaking of bucket list goals, Haziq has his sights set on conquering the G7 hike in Malaysia.

Giving back to the triathlon community

But amidst all his pursuits, Haziq's true passion lies in giving back to the community. As he gears up for 2024, Haziq has his sights set on ramping up grassroots sharing initiatives, ensuring that his journey inspires countless others to lace up their shoes and chase their dreams.

So, there you have it folks - the inspiring story of Haziq Piyoh, a teacher by day, a triathlete by passion, and a beacon of perseverance for us all. Keep an eye out for Haziq, as he continues to carve his path towards greatness.

Follow Haziq’s journey at https://www.instagram.com/haziqpiyoh/

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