Jack Moody: a Kiwi Pro Triathlete Rising the Ranks

Jack Moody: a Kiwi Pro Triathlete Rising the Ranks

Meet Jack Moody, a professional New Zealand triathlete ranked 77th by PTO at the time of writing. Jack's journey into triathlon only began in 2016 when he tackled his first half Ironman. “I grew up on a bike and was always running at high school but in 2016 I entered my first half Ironman (the Rotorua Suffer) with a bunch of friends from school and I have been hooked on triathlon ever since then,” Jack reminisces.

This race ignited a passion that led him to quickly become a professional triathlete in 2018. Since then, he's competed in triathlons globally, triumphing at iconic venues like the Alpe d'Huez Tri in France which was an incredibly special race for him.

The Thrill of the Challenge: Jack's Triathlon Passion

Reflecting on past race days, Jack admits that the initial prospect of doing a half Ironman was definitely overwhelming but going deep in training paired with the sense of achievement was electrifying. “It was an absolute pleasure immersing myself in the triathlon community, they have definitely kept me going over the years,” said Jack.

While there’s too many races to count, Jack cherishes the opportunity to race and podium all over the globe but deeply remembers his breakthrough win at Ironman 70.3 Taupo in 2022. At the same time he maintains a resilient mindset by always seeking growth from the inevitable setbacks.“I prefer not to dwell on the worst memories as I like to try to see the silver linings of every opportunity to race at this level and the opportunity to just come back stronger,” said Jack.

When it comes to his pre-race routine, Jack likes to keep it as flexible as possible so he can roll with the punches wherever he is in the world.  His only essential - a shake-out jog the day before the race. “I think I am still learning and refining my race day strategy so I don’t think too many lead-ins look the same at the moment.”

Juggling Triathlon, Work and Family and Staying Motivated 

When asked about balancing training with work and family, Jack says he prioritises early-morning sessions to ensure quality time with loved ones in the afternoon as well as other commitments. He also has taken a step back from working so much this year so he can focus a bit more on triathlon and try to take his performance to another level. 

For Jack, staying motivated is simple: he just loves it. In fact, he actually prefers training to racing most of the time. “I do try to keep it interesting and spend a bit of time on an array of bikes, a mixture of open water and pool swimming and then I have a very handy running group that I catch up with on a Sunday. Across all 3 disciplines I have friends that I train with and look up to who are highly motivating.”

When asked what his favourite discipline is, Jack found it hard to choose just one. “Having grown up in a competitive running environment I think most people would assume running is my favourite but I do love getting out on the bike on varied terrains and the sense of adventure it brings,” said Jack. 

Whether it's exploring scenic routes on his bike or hitting the trails with his running group, Jack finds inspiration in the camaraderie of fellow athletes and the guidance of his trusted coach and good friend, Bevan McKinnon.

Dream Team: A Triathlete's Fantasy Relay

In Jack's dream relay team, he'd team up with Josh Amberger and Joe Skipper for an unbeatable trio.

“Josh Amberger for the swim, Joe Skipper for the bike and myself for the run. I think the only issue we would have is we would spend so much time cracking each other up that we might not even make it to the start line,” said Jack. 

If Jack were to embody a cartoon character, he'd embrace the spirit of the Cookie Monster, paying homage to his love for Cookie Time Cookies. This beloved indulgence fuels his adventures on and off the triathlon course.

While New Zealand holds his heart, Jack dreams of exploring the French Alps and tackling ultra-marathons in the future. “I think at some point you might see me on an Ultra Marathon start line. I don't know when just yet but it will happen I am sure,” said Jack. 

“If I wasn't a triathlete and didn't have to work I would be in Wanaka as then I could ski and mountain bike all year. If I was able to choose to stay abroad I would be in the French Alps in a heartbeat. The riding in France is just incredible and the skiing is great too!” said Jack.

Jack’s Advice to Newbie Triathletes: Don’t Compare! 

As Jack continues to leave his mark on the triathlon world, his passion, resilience, and adventurous spirit inspire athletes worldwide. His advice to newbies is: 

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! To start, make it a challenge against yourself, and just enjoy the process of getting fit. It’s easy to get caught up in everything else going on but if you can go into that first event having loved the training you will be pleasantly surprised at what you manage to achieve,” said Jack. 

With his sights set on new horizons, Jack Moody manifests the essence of endurance sports, proving that with determination and passion, anything is possible and Purpose is proud to support him.

Follow Jack’s journey with Purpose at: https://www.instagram.com/jacktmoody

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