Louisa Middleditch: A Triathlon Journey from Singapore to the World

Louisa Middleditch: A Triathlon Journey from Singapore to the World

Meet Louisa Middleditch, a 23-year-old triathlete whose journey from the city-state of Singapore to the global stage of triathlon has been nothing short of extraordinary. In this interview, we explore Louisa's journey into the world of triathlon.

Louisa, a proud Singaporean citizen, was born to a French mother and English father, a combination that bestowed her with a unique cultural heritage. Although she initially held a dual citizenship she knew in her heart she had always belonged to Singapore. After completing her studies at the University of Edinburgh, Louisa returned to Singapore, where she obtained citizenship in January 2023r. Currently, she finds herself training in the tropical haven of Phuket, gearing up for the challenges that lie ahead.

How Louisa Began Her Triathlon Journey 

Triathlon runs in Louisa's veins, thanks to the influence of her father, a fellow triathlete and a bit of a legend in Singapore’s triathlon scene. From a young age, she found herself swimming, biking, and running, participating in school aquathlons and cross-country races. Her first "real" triathlon took place at the Bintan Triathlon in 2010 when she was just 9 years old. Little did she know that this event would spark a passion that would shape the next decade of her life. With her family's competitive spirit, they even began planning school holiday destinations based on the availability of races.

For Louisa, the allure of triathlon lies in the challenge of juggling three sports. Whether it's the simplicity and satisfaction of running, the sense of freedom on the bike, or the escapism in the water, she embraces the unique challenges each discipline brings. Running may come more naturally, but she has learned to appreciate the struggles in swimming as part of the journey.  

Beyond the physical aspects, the sport has taught her invaluable life skills such as resilience, self-discipline, and effective time management. But it's the triathlon community that she cherishes the most—a supportive family always ready to guide and uplift each other.

Race day Memories

At only 23, Louisa has already lost count of how many races she has completed, but each race remains unique. The most notable ones include the World Duathlon Championships in Spain in 2021, where she clinched her first age group world title despite the freezing conditions, and the Asia Triathlon Cup in Kyrgyzstan in 2023, where the stunning location and warm hospitality left an indelible mark. The Bintan Triathlon also holds a special place in her heart, with its hilly course, friendly atmosphere, and faultless organisation.

Among the plethora of race day memories, a few stand out. Winning the bronze medal at the SEA Games in May 2023, despite a challenging preparation, was a particularly special moment. Her first senior elite win at the Asia Duathlon Cup in Iran in October 2023 also cemented her place on the international stage. 

On the flip side, the Bintan Triathlon in 2018 presented a painful challenge with internal bleeding, yet Louisa's determination (or stubbornness?) saw her through, underscoring the resilience that defines her.

Race Day Rituals and Balancing Study, Triathlon and Family

Apart from the standard race day equipment, Louisa  also brings a resistance band for her warm-up, and an extra pair of goggles and sunglasses. While she acknowledges the importance of consistency in pre-race rituals, she has learned to remain flexible, understanding that adaptability is key in the unpredictable world of triathlon.

Juggling full-time training, studies, part time work and a semblance of a social life is no easy feat, but Louisa attributes her success to good time management and prioritization. A well-structured schedule helps her fit in training around other commitments, emphasizing the importance of both physical and mental well-being.

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes

Louisa's motivation stems from her genuine love for training and the continuous pursuit of self-improvement. While some days require discipline over motivation, she recognizes the ebb and flow in her mindset, using it as a gauge for her training status.

To those considering entering the world of triathlons, Louisa offers a humorous yet cautionary note: be prepared to get hooked! She encourages newcomers to seek advice, join a group, and embrace the learning curve, emphasizing that everyone starts somewhere.

Fun Facts about Louisa

Dream Relay Partner: In the realm of mixed team relays, Louisa's dream team involves her father James, her sister Emma, and one of her best friends from university, Lubin. They all have triathlon experience and have each helped motivate or support her in different ways. 

However, for the ultimate competitive edge, she wouldn't mind teaming up with the likes of Alex Yee from the United Kingdom, Dorian Coninx from France, and Flora Duffy from Bermuda. 

Yet, the coolest relay team, in her eyes, was the Asian Games dream team with Singaporeans Luke, Bryce, and Herlene.

Dream Locale: With a penchant for warm, training-friendly locales, Louisa's dream living destinations include Australia, Spain, or Italy—any place that combines sunshine, good training conditions, and a break from city life.

Beyond Triathlon: Beyond the world of triathlon, Louisa has aspirations of venturing into the world of ultra running and dreams of exploring more of the world. From witnessing the Northern Lights to floating in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia in Turkey, her bucket list is a testament to her adventurous spirit. Outside of the world of sports and travel she looks forward to having more hours in the day to further pursue her creative passion - writing. She’s already published 5 books and would like to dedicate more time to this in the future. 

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