Former Army Instructor Turned Triathlete

Former Army Instructor Turned Triathlete

Meet Kaveesh Gaindhar, a 32-year-old instructor at the Future Army Officers Academy in India, whose foray into triathlon and running has not only reshaped his life but has become an integral part of his very being.

Kaveesh's journey into the world of endurance sports began as a means of overcoming adversity. After departing from the army due to medical grounds, he sought solace and strength in the realms of running. It was in July 2019 that he first laced up his shoes and hit the pavement, embarking on a journey that would redefine his sense of self and purpose.

In 2021, he took his passion a step further, delving into the realm of triathlon, where swimming, cycling, and running converge to test the limits of human endurance.

Fuelling The Triathlon Passion

For Kaveesh, triathlon is more than just a sport; it is a way of life, a daily ritual that brings meaning and fulfillment to his existence. Without it, he feels incomplete, as if a vital piece of his being is missing. Through the discipline of training and the exhilaration of competition, he finds solace and strength, forging a deep connection with his inner self and the world around him.

Over the years, Kaveesh has amassed an impressive array of races under his belt, ranging from half marathons to ultramarathons, and from sprint triathlons to challenging duathlons. His list of achievements speaks volumes about his dedication and prowess, with notable highlights including 3 podium finishes in his last 4 triathlons. But for Kaveesh, the journey is far from over; his sights are set on even greater heights, with dreams of becoming the fastest Indian triathlete on the horizon.

Triathlon Challenges

However, the path to success has not been without its challenges. For Kaveesh, the greatest struggle has been finding the balance between pushing his limits and avoiding injury. As someone who thrives on pushing himself to the edge, he has had to learn the importance of restraint and moderation in his training regimen. Through trial and error, he has discovered the delicate dance of listening to his body's cues and honoring its need for rest and recovery.

A Commitment To Purpose

Kaveesh hopes to inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery through endurance sports. He believes that in a world dominated by sedentary lifestyles, the pursuit of physical and mental fitness is more important than ever. Endurance sports not only offer a path to health and wellness but also instill a sense of achievement and fulfillment that cannot be bought or sold.

Beyond Endurance Sports

Beyond his passion for endurance sports, Kaveesh harbors a diverse array of interests and hobbies, ranging from football and squash to trekking and cooking. He is an avid reader, a passionate traveler, and a staunch advocate for animal welfare. His bucket list is as ambitious as it is eclectic, with goals that span the globe and defy convention.

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