PURPOSE Performance Wear launches the ‘Most Comfortable Running Kits’ you will ever wear

PURPOSE Performance Wear launches the ‘Most Comfortable Running Kits’ you will ever wear

Three years after its inception, PURPOSE Performance Wear – the only homegrown triathlon suit and cycling kit brand with a consumer base across Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and United States

Is extending its technical performance range into running with a line called PURPOSE for Running. Titled Developed by Us, Made by You, this is the same theme that will be driving PURPOSE’s brand campaign and conversations for 2020.

A specialist in premium, technical, high quality performance wear specifically developed and made to cope with the heat and humidity of the tropical region,

PURPOSE started out focusing on triathlon, a multisport that involves swimming, cycling and running. Cycling jerseys were the first to be developed and launched in 2017, followed by trisuits later that year.

“Being a technical performance wear brand for triathlon, it was only natural to extend into running. We took three years to do this because I wanted to make sure that we have perfected the technology and innovation in our trisuits and cycling jerseys.

Now we are ready to implement this innovation into our new running kits,” said Noor Ashikin Aziz, founder and director of PURPOSE Performance Wear. “This is a milestone in running wear for our local runners,” he added.

The first in the PURPOSE for Running line to be launched is the PRO
Performance series that will feature PURPOSE’s unique mesh fabric technology.

PURPOSE products are developed and constructed with a combination of
lightweight, high air flow-through fabrics made from different polymer, elastane
and nylon weaves to provide the best heat dissipation and temperature
regulating capability.

The PRO Performance running knit in particular is made of 79% polyester
and 21% elastane. This combination advanced fibre weave has been selected for
use in this running line because it is one of the thinnest weaves available.

It is twice as light compared to its competitors from Europe or Australia in the same category. Light and cooling for humid and dry heat, this is something that
many international products fail to address here in this weather.

In line with the product design thinking that drives every PURPOSE’s trisuit and cycling jersey, the running top will be one of, if not the lightest, most breathable, fastest drying running tops one will ever wear.

This is backed with results from indoor treadmill and outdoor open field running tests proving that the top does not weigh down or become heavy even when drenched in sweat.

The initial launch of the PURPOSE Running PRO Performance collection includes singlets and long tights for women, as well as singlets, short-sleeved tees and mid-length tights for men.

Eventually, there will be shorts, compression tights and long-sleeved tops. There will also be the ELITE Team collection that is catered for daily use by everyday runners.

The PURPOSE Running collection can be purchased at.


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