PURPOSE x Rock The Naked Truth: To All the Women in our Lives, You Rock!

PURPOSE x Rock The Naked Truth: To All the Women in our Lives, You Rock!

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we partnered with Singaporean body image movement Rock The Naked Truth to bring you two groups of very special and inspiring women, in Malaysia and in Singapore.

From Malaysia, we have Nursya, Safa, Sue, U-Mei and Zeti to share with us what sports have done for them:

Nor Adzura (@safa_drmartens1): “Sports give me the confidence, physical and mental strength to be in front of crowds, including those who look down on women.”⁠

Nursya Jusoh (@nursyajusoh): “Sports improve mental health, give motivation to exercise and inspire others. At the same time, it builds my self-confidence and I tell myself ‘I can do this!'”⁠

Tengku Zeti (@zetiaziz): “Doing sports is my time to distress, especially during this tough period.”⁠

Teh U Mei (@cikipedia): “Just before the moment when you feel that you’re at the lowest, it’s the moment when liberation comes and success happens.”⁠

Sue Kay (@suekay9): “Sports give confidence and strength, and I believe that that makes every woman beautiful.”⁠

Over in Singapore, we have another five inspiring ladies who share how sports have allowed them to shine in their lives:⁠

⁠Kelly Pereira (@k_elly_p): “As a diabetic, as well as a plus-sized athlete, this body doesn’t look like a normal athlete, but the fact that I showed up in races and training, that’s just something for me to keep growing and not care about what other people think. Sport have taught me to show up and never give up to myself.”⁠

Julie Jamaludin (@iamjuliejamaludin): “Sports to me is about balance; it’s the time where I get to focus on myself and my own self-interest. It’s also something I get to do with a bunch of woman that has the same passion.

Sports have given the opportunity to build a community of strong and supportive like-minded people.”⁠

Vicki Hill (@vickihill3530): “Sports is about improving myself and transferring that to my personal life and my work life. The focus is about bettering myself. Sports have shown me that anything is possible and you just have to believe in yourself to achieve your goals.”⁠

Tengku Helena (@tengku_helena): “Sports have helped me to be healthy and stay energetic for my daily activities. At the same time, sports allow me to connect and make new friends who share the same interest.

Sports also helped to build my confidence and give me the stamina to run after my three children.”⁠

Cheryl Tay (@cheryltaysg): “Sports have allowed me to see how much my body is capable of and how far I can push myself. I used to suffer from eating disorders but I’m glad all that is behind me now.

Doing triathlon allows me to see how much I can push myself and how your limits are placed on yourself by yourself.”⁠

Let these women empower more women, as we share the same passion for sports and what incredible things our bodies can achieve. You are stronger than you think.

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