Team BR Dubai: “The suit has high breathability to help us cope with the heat”

Team BR Dubai: “The suit has high breathability to help us cope with the heat”

The biggest triathlon coaching team in Dubai – Team Bespoke Ride (BR) – originated from BR Performance Studios, UAE’s first performance gym for endurance athletes.

“BR Performance Studios was formed in 2017 with my business partner Ahmed Alfahim, who was previously an athlete on the UAE Triathlon Team and Victory Team (UAE Power Boat Racing Team).

The aim was to develop the first performance gym for endurance athletes in running, cycling and triathlons,” said Abdallah Alireza, 29, who left his career as a commodities trader to become a managing partner and director of BR  Performance Studios.

Specialising in providing tailor-made online coaching for anyone looking to achieve a particular target in endurance sports, Team BR’s members vary from ultimate beginners aiming for their first endurance event all the way to elite age group competitors.

If you are based in Dubai or Saudi you can enjoy training with the BR community as they offer daily training sessions which are open to all members. Otherwise, if you’re based in the Middle East or abroad you can engage the BR performance coaches for online coaching.

Sometime end of last year, Team BR ordered custom trisuits from PURPOSE that they wore proudly at the Ras Al Khaimah Triathlon (sprint or Olympic distance).

“What inspired our design is the freedom and joy we riders and triathletes get while riding the open roads. This inspired the yellow stripe on the back of the jersey and the vertical line of the R in (BR) which replicates the yellow road markings that are the dashed lines in the middle of a road,” Abdallah explained.

“The PURPOSE trisuit fits like a glove and I didn’t get any abrasion when swimming or running, which I tend to get often. We are always in the heat training and living in Dubai, so it was great that the suit has high breathability to help us cope with the heat, especially during the Ras Al Khaimah Triathlon that happened on a very hot day.

“The team and I are looking forward to putting the suit to the test at the Ironman 70.3 Dubai in March!”

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