10 questions with Andy Wibowo, Overall Champion 2022 Ironman Malaysia

10 questions with Andy Wibowo, Overall Champion 2022 Ironman Malaysia

It was a very long two years that many in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Southeast Asia kept waiting for Ironman Malaysia to happen again.

Albeit not as crowded with participants this year as in the past, the recently concluded 2022 Ironman Malaysia did not disappoint. The calibre of competitors was definitely top-notch, with several local and international athletes winning categories in their age categories.

However, one of the winners of this race stood out above the rest – Andy Wibowo, from Indonesia. Blazing his way to the top of the age-group category with an impressive 9 hr 37 mins, with no Pro field this year, Andy gave us an interview of his experience from the race.

Wearing a unique CUSTOM by PURPOSE designed gold and orange race kit to his victory to match his equally stunning custom-painted Cervelo, we are delighted to announce Andy’s inclusion into the TeamPurpose family from now onwards.

Not only did Andy impress spectators with his performance, but he also turned many heads with his stunning kit design as well!

Read on to know more about his race.

1) What were your goals going into the race?
Andy: The original goal was to run a solid marathon after a 180 km bike, but deep down in my heart, I want to win the race.

2) What ran through your thoughts as you were starting the race?
Andy: I try to enjoy the race as I know it will be a long day.

3) It was raining, and Langkawi is well known for its steep climbs and descents. What did you have to change due to the wet and sometimes flooding road conditions?
Andy: I was prepared for a hot race and the hill but, haha… So I took extra care on the descent and even had to slow down at some point due to heavy rains. And the time I lost there I tried to make up on the flat while still focusing on my power distribution.

4) What was your power data like? Is it on target? Higher? Lower?
Andy: My NP was 206 watts, a little bit lower than my target

5) Going into the run, you know there was someone ahead. How confident were you about catching up?
Andy: Like my prediction, some athlete will fly past me on the bike leg, and I am just confident enough that with my run I know, I can race them.

6) What was your pacing strategy during the run?
Andy: I try to run as easily as possible at the first 10 km, I believe the energy I save for the 1st 10 km will save my leg for the last 10km

7) Did you have to change the strategy knowing that there was someone minutes ahead?
Andy: I have to change the strategy and took a bit of risk while hoping my legs didn’t fall apart hahaha ….

8) Did you run on pace throughout or did you increase as you know there was someone ahead and behind you?
Andy: I ran at my pace for around 15 km to test my legs then I tried to put pressure to catch up with the 1st guy and dropped the guy behind me. And seem the strategy worked well this time. Even I had to pay back for the last 10 km haha …

9) Overall how was the Langkawi route? Will you do it again?
Andy: To be honest, I like the overall course, it suits me best. Only the weather is so unpredictable makes it more challenging. I love to do it again, and for sure the weather will be different next time but I’m up for the new challenge

10) What’s next on your race calendar?
Andy: I have nothing until early next year and maybe I will do a couple of 70.3 races before Kona, next year I will be focusing on Kona I want to do well in Kona. I have unfinished business in Kona

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