The PURPOSE Podcast: Allison Yee – On her purpose as an undergraduate, entrepreneur, national triathlete

The PURPOSE Podcast: Allison Yee – On her purpose as an undergraduate, entrepreneur, national triathlete

Only 24 years of age, Allison Yee has accomplished more than her peers, in competitive sports, academics and business.

So what’s her secret to balancing all these at the same time? “Time management is important for any triathlete or high achiever,” she said.

About a year ago, Malaysian national triathlete Allison decided to start her own home-based confectionary bakery called Zeal. In her pursuit of building her business, she realised that the core essence of success is similar to being a triathlete – perseverance.

Just like triathlon which involves three types of sports, Allison’s life is split into three main pillars – sports, academics and business – and each deserves the same focus and discipline. “You should give all your focus and discipline in each and every thing you do,” she added.

The sweet and petite athlete with girl-next-door vibes was actually not an outdoor person. But at 19, Allison decided to take up running with the goal of being fitter.

She got noticed at her daily runs in the park and she went to compete in a small 10km run race held in her hometown Kuantan, Pahang. She enjoyed the experience, thus she joined a running club and eventually it led her to the sport of triathlon at 20.

Although she didn’t know how to swim, Allison was determined to participate in triathlons proper, so she learnt swimming from her boyfriend and through YouTube videos.

Having achieved wins in the triathlon circuit, all the way to the full Ironman distance even, Allison’s proudest moment was making it to the SEA Games team last year.

“You need to have a strong discipline in yourself,” she said. “Train smart and progressively; that way you can achieve your target.”

Listen to the latest episode of The PURPOSE Podcast with Allison Yee here.

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