Endurance Unleashed: Meet Purpose Triathlete Jake Watts

Endurance Unleashed: Meet Purpose Triathlete Jake Watts

Jake Watts, a new Purpose elite triathlete, resides in Australia where he recently took part in the Tasmania 70.3 in February 2024. Jake had his sights set on securing a coveted spot at the World 70.3 championships, and that he achieved! Jake came in 4th at Tasmania and picked up a qualifying spot! In this interview, we find out more about his journey into the world of triathlon from his novice days in 2019, to becoming a seasoned triathlon contender in 2024. 

How Jake Watts Began His Triathlon Journey

Jake's journey into triathlon started unexpectedly in 2019 when a friend threw him the challenge. Back then, he could barely swim 100 meters, let alone fathom the demands of cycling and running. Little did he know that this invitation would mark the beginning of a transformative adventure.

Over the past four years, Jake has conquered approximately 15 races, spanning the spectrum from Olympic distances to the grueling 70.3 and a full distance Ironman in Cairns. His favorites? Undoubtedly, the 70.3 and full Ironman. Beyond the physical challenges, he said it's the electrifying atmosphere and unwavering support from the community that make these races forever etched in his memory.

Like many of the Purpose elite team, what sets triathlon apart for Jake is the combination of three sports. A self-proclaimed lover of punishment, he found solace in the variety and challenge that triathlons offer. "How can I get bored doing three sports?" he muses.

While Jake's heart lies in running, a discipline he has grown to love over time, his journey has also seen an evolution towards becoming a cyclist. The swim leg, however, remains his nemesis, with the monotonous hours staring at a black line proving to be the ultimate mental challenge.

Race Day Memories, Rituals and Balancing Work, Triathlon and Family

Every triathlete has their share of highs and lows, and Jake is no exception. His worst memory comes from Cairns last year, a flat disc wheel leaving an indelible mark on the race. On the flip side, completing his first Ironman is etched in his memory as a favorite, a testament to pushing the boundaries of physical and mental endurance.

Beyond the racecourse, Jake faces the challenge of balancing a demanding career as a police officer in Brisbane, working 56-60 hour weeks, with a training regimen that spans 15-18 hours. He says it’s essential that he plans each day meticulously as he navigates the fine line between commitment and potential burnout.

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes 

For Jake, motivation is fueled by always having a goal or race on the horizon. The accountability of having a race within 12 weeks keeps him focused, ensuring that the training remains purposeful and engaging.

Jake's advice for those venturing into the world of triathlon is to find a club and embrace the journey with others. His fondest memories are with the club he joined at the start, emphasizing the importance of camaraderie over competition in the early stages.

Fun Facts about Jake Watts

Dream relay partner: In a fantasy relay scenario, Jake would team up with none other than Sebastian Kienle, drawn to his cycling prowess and the wealth of experiences he could share.

Cartoon idol: In true Jake Watts fashion, if he were a cartoon character, he'd be Yosemite Sam – fast and loose. Jake quickly replies that he would not trade Australia's pristine beaches for anywhere in the world as he favors the eternal summer of Noosa.

Beyond Triathlon: Looking beyond triathlon, Jake's bucket list includes conquering Mount Kilimanjaro by the end of 2024, showcasing his appetite for new challenges and experiences.


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