Unstoppable Bonds: Leading by Example

Unstoppable Bonds: Leading by Example

As we celebrate Mother's Day, the team at Purpose thought it’s fitting to not only shine a spotlight on the athletes who are mothers, but also to shine a spotlight on the triathletes who have drawn inspiration from their mothers.

Crystal Ng, from Malaysia is one such triathlete who attributes her success and passion for the sport to her biggest role model and supporter - her mother, Rose Loong. 

Through dedication, resilience, and a shared love for running and cycling, Crystal's mother has been the driving force behind her triathlon journey. Over the years, Rose’s influence has shaped Crystal's path and fueled her determination to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

Stepping into the world of Triathlons 

Crystal's foray into triathlons emerged as a result of multiple injuries she encountered in marathon running and obstacle course racing. After experiencing setbacks like hip flexor and adductor muscle tears, as well as knee surgery, Crystal's workouts were limited to freestyle swimming with a pull-buoy.

It was during this challenging period in late 2020 that she found her inspiration to delve into the world of triathlons.

Crystal also acknowledges that her journey into triathlons would not have happened without her mother's influence. Her mother had already paved the way by actively participating in running and cycling long before Crystal's triathlon journey began.

Having a family member who leads by example made it easier for Crystal to embrace sport, and in her own words - stop being a couch potato. 

The Motherhood Balancing Act

Rose, a single parent, played a pivotal role in raising Crystal while managing a demanding career in banking. Despite the challenges, she ensured that Crystal's academic pursuits were her primary focus, shielding her from financial burdens.

Her selflessness and unwavering support laid the foundation for Crystal's growth as an athlete and an individual.

Rose herself did not embark on her athletic endeavors until less than a decade ago. Prior to that, she, too, was somewhat of a couch potato.

Her decision to pursue a more active lifestyle later in life serves as a testament to the transformative power of determination and commitment.

Training & Overcoming Obstacles Together 

Crystal and her mother share a unique bond strengthened by their shared love for running and cycling. They regularly run together on weekday mornings, with Crystal's mother acting as her mentor in the world of cycling.

Training together has not only improved Crystal's skills but has also fostered a special connection and provided moments of shared growth and laughter.

During Crystal's arduous three-year journey of recovery from injuries, Rose has been an incredible source of inspiration. Having experienced her own injuries and setbacks, Crystal saw that her mother refused to let adversity hinder her.

Witnessing her mother's resilience, Crystal drew strength and motivation, knowing that she too could overcome any obstacle that came her way.

Looking Ahead with Unwavering Support

Crystal's mother has been a constant presence at her races, from Olympic Distance events to 70.3 triathlons and even her maiden full Ironman in Langkawi where she placed 3rd in her age group.

Her unwavering support and encouragement have provided Crystal with a sense of comfort and motivation, knowing that her biggest cheerleader is by her side, celebrating her accomplishments every step of the way.

Crystal's journey as a triathlete has been deeply influenced by her mother Rose, who has led by example, and helped her overcome the inevitable challenges.

Her mother's discipline, coupled with her incredible resilience, has instilled in Crystal a tenacious spirit that propels her forward.

On this special occasion of Mother's Day, Crystal expresses her heartfelt gratitude to her mother for everything she has done for her and Purpose sends our admiration for all the other mothers like Rose out there who support, mentor and inspire their children's athletic journeys . 

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