Lord William: Triathlete's Purposeful Transformation Journey

Lord William: Triathlete's Purposeful Transformation Journey

Meet Lord William Lim, a licensed Registered Nurse from the Philippines and a Quality Health Safety and Environment Officer in the United Arab Emirates. Career aside, Lord William is more than just a professional in the healthcare industry. After nine years of international experience, he is now returning to his roots in the Philippines, eager to reconnect with family, create a future enriched with the lessons learned abroad and reignite his spark for endurance sports - particularly running and triathlon. His passion to live a life filled with purpose is what stood out and why he was chosen as a Team Purpose ambassador in the Philippines in 2024.

A Humble Beginning in Triathlon

Lord William's story is one of transformation and resilience. From battling vices to becoming a beacon of hope, he strives to inspire the younger generation to recognize their limitless potential. With a "can-do" attitude and a competitive spirit, he believes in the power of sports, nutrition, and technology to guide humanity towards a more enlightened and empowered existence.

In 2005, Lord William embarked on a cycling journey with a local community, exploring uncharted trails and embracing the thrill of the open road. However, life's challenges led him to an unhealthy lifestyle, culminating in illness and a realization of the need for change. In 2014, a 10km fun run became the catalyst for a profound transformation, sparking a commitment to daily exercise and healthier eating habits.

As his fitness improved, Lord William expanded into Spartan races, marathons, and eventually, triathlons. Engaging in sports became a refuge, offering not just physical wellness but a deeper understanding of life's purpose and individual significance.

Fuelling the Triathlon Passion

Lord William's racing resume is impressive, including Spartan races, marathons, cycling competitions, and even a 70.3 Ironman. His proudest achievement is completing a full marathon in under four hours after recovering from injury. Looking ahead, 2024 holds a challenging schedule, featuring events such as the Cebu City Marathon, 70.3 Ironman Philippines, and Full Ironman Langkawi.

Discipline and dedication define Lord William's approach to training. Saying "NO" to distractions and seeking professional guidance for intermittent muscle pains, he remains focused on his goals. A triathlon coach and careful nutritional management ensure optimal performance and injury prevention.

A Commitment to Purpose

As Purpose is committed to empowering individuals through identity and purpose, we know Lord Willaim is  poised to make a significant impact in his community. Fueled by a genuine desire to create positive change, Purpose recognizes the burgeoning trends within the local endurance sport community in the Philippines and we’re proud to spend more time in this market in 2024 and have Lord William represent us

As he seeks to influence his community and beyond, Purpose hopes to  inspire individuals to step into the world of endurance sport and embrace their best selves. The expansion aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of wellness and self-discovery in the Philippines, marking a significant step towards fostering a community where identity and purpose converge.

Inspiring Newbie Runners and Triathletes  

For newcomers to endurance sports, Lord William emphasizes believing in oneself. Endurance grows with engagement, and cultivating a passion for the sport eliminates excuses. He encourages embracing the journey, finding joy in every step, and understanding that "impossible" is just a state of mind.

Beyond Endurance

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Lord William is a passionate street and travel photographer, capturing diverse cultures and candid emotions through his lens. His bucket list includes photographing the northern lights and exploring the landscapes of northern regions.

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