Triathlon Triumphs: Matt's Journey of Endurance and Purpose

Triathlon Triumphs: Matt's Journey of Endurance and Purpose

Kia Ora! Meet the new 2024 Purpose Ambassador - Matt Hastings. Matt is a 37-year-old Regional Sales Manager from New Zealand, thriving in the picturesque Hawkes Bay with his wife and two children. While his professional life revolves around MediaWorks Radio, Matt's true passion lies in the world of endurance sports, particularly triathlon. Get to know Matt’s triathlon tale in this interview. 

A Humble Beginning in Triathlon

In 2021, after enduring his fourth knee surgery and bidding farewell to a 30-year-long soccer career, Matt met Mark Turner, a triathlon coach who changed the trajectory of his life. Triathlon, was suggested by his surgeon as the ideal post-knee surgery sport, became Matt's new calling. March 2022 marked the beginning of his triathlon and multisport journey, a path that has transformed him into a dedicated and addicted athlete seeking new limits.

Fueling the Triathlon Passion

Matt's inaugural race, a Sprint Distance event in New Plymouth, saw him finish 2nd in his age group. From there, he conquered a half marathon at the Hawkes Bay Half and dove into the challenging Ironman 70.3 Taupo in December 2022, lighting the fire of passion for the sport. 

A series of races, including the Mount Fest and Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Lahti, Finland, showcased Matt's rapid progression. His greatest achievement to date, finishing the World Championships in 4:38 after just 18 months in the sport. This solidified his belief that triathlon is his true calling. 

Matt's next challenges include Mount Fest, Tarawera UTMB 50km, and a return to Taupo 70.3 with hopes of qualifying for the World Championships again.

Triathlon Triumphs and Challenges

Matt's journey was not without challenges, particularly during the intense 5-6 month preparation for the World Championships. May 2023 felt like a month of failure, with doubts, setbacks, and a loss of motivation. However, his commitment, consistency, and trust in the process with his coach pulled him through, emphasizing the importance of staying consistent even when motivation wanes.

Matt’s Commitment to Purpose

Wearing Purpose for a year now, Matt became a Purpose Ambassador not only for the brand's comfortable and reliable products but also for what Purpose represents. He sees himself united in purpose with the brand and believes together they can break down barriers.

As a Purpose Ambassador, Matt aspires to inspire others by sharing his journey and experiences. He recognizes the privilege of finding this sport and feels a responsibility to breathe positivity into others, urging them to embrace a healthy and positive lifestyle through endurance sports.

Beyond Triathlon

Outside of endurance sports, Matt is a typical Kiwi bloke who loves the ocean and surfing. His interests include outdoor adventures, family moments in the trials, and maintaining a connection with football, his first love. Matt's ambitious goals include re-qualifying for Ironman 70.3 Worlds and qualifying for UTMB World Series Finals to venture into the professional running world.




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