Martin Choo: Cycling has always been a constant in life

Martin Choo: Cycling has always been a constant in life

Cycling has always been a constant for Martin Choo, providing him with direction and being the activity that helps to clear his head and reflect on life. A big part of his life since he was a kid, the 43-year-old used to cycle to school from the age of 13 all the way through to university.

Then when he was living in California, he got a road bike for his birthday and went on to do triathlons, as well as race as an amateur cyclist.

Thus it was no surprise when Martin moved to Singapore in 2012 and started his own business in 2015 – Fahrenheit Performance, which specialises in bike fitting and cycling specific physiotherapy services with the aim of making their customers better cyclists.

As the Cycling Performance Engineer & Bike Fitter, he works on the interface between the mechanics of the body and bicycle to optimise performance by manipulating physics and biomechanical changes with the rider’s musculoskeletal conditions while increasing performance and reducing injury.

“After turning my back on the corporate life and starting my own business, it really has been a roller coaster ride and cycling has been the constant,” Martin said.

“Nowadays, my cycling goes through ebbs and flows like everything in life. For example, back in 2016 I rode 100 days straight to raise money for charity but these days I have been running just as much as I have been cycling.”

Over the years, with all his experience in cycling at both the competitive and recreational level, Martin has designed a few jerseys and knows what works and what does not. He chose to do it with PURPOSE for several reasons.

“I like that it’s a Singapore company and the products are they are made for the hot and humid local conditions. As a local small business I wanted to support another local small business. I believe in what PURPOSE is doing and wanted to support that however I could,” he shared.

When he approached PURPOSE to work on the Fahrenheit Performance custom cycling jersey, he wanted it to be:

  • Light and comfortable
  • Made of technical fabric suitable for the Singapore climate
  • A colour that could be easily matched with black bib shorts
  • Edgy with the longer sleeves and dragon motif on the back
  • Designed with a subtle nod to Fahrenheit Performance so you know it’s association but its not necessarily the first thing you notice about it
  • Attractive to all cyclists and not just Fahrenheit clients

At the same time, he also didn’t want it to be:

  • Too loud and for it to shout “FAHRENHEIT PERFORMANCE” too much
  • Black or white as there are too many of those out there already
  • Too busy with logos or graphics

Working with our founder Noor, they brainstormed and Martin conceptualised this final design that translated into reality in a “very surprisingly very straightforward, convenient and fast process”.

This cycling jersey is available to anyone, so long as you are aligned with Fahrenheit Performance’s philosophy of – Never Compromise and Trust the Process. 

“From the elite racer who is pushing marginal gains to the first timer who is picking up cycling to get fit, it really just comes down to following a path of continuous improvement and if this is how you think then you are already following the Fahrenheit way,” he explained.

You can also customise your own cycling jersey or trisuit at

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