Purpose Customs Tour de Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon Jersey

Purpose Customs Tour de Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon Jersey

Although in general, we do not do custom jerseys because of the difficulty in maintaining design, style and product quality; we had taken exception with a group of Singapore-based riders who was making the ride up the fabled mountain of Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai Thailand, one of the world’s toughest cycling climbs.

Firstly because we were sold on how that they had not just merely taken this as just another cycling tour trip–they were intent and focused, and it showed in their training plans that had led up to the event.

Secondly, both Purpose and the group shares the same determination in the pursuit of our separate visions. They, in their preparations and us in what we want Purpose to be successful at.

Last and most importantly, they were willing to let us still have control over design and product output while they focus on what really is their true task – to climb that mountain.

As in the adage, when one focusses on what matters, everything will come together. These are the kinds of collaboration that are effective.

In the end, this turned out majestically. Evident from the video and photos of their ride below.

To find out more about Purpose, or learn about Purpose’s custom collaboration, please use this contact us link here.

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