Post-race reflections on Purpose, and the Ironman 70.3 Langkawi

Post-race reflections on Purpose, and the Ironman 70.3 Langkawi

Going into race weekend things got hectic. There was much to do, things yet to be prepared, and equipment to be tweaked. There was also the added pressure to do well – not just for myself to complete, but also for Purpose to perform and be noticed.


Ironman 70.3 Langkawi was the second 70.3 of my life. Not the last obviously. But bigger than it just being a race, I felt that it was the perfect platform to showcase Purpose as a brand. Being a brand present in Singapore and Malaysia, Langkawi thus represents the right spot for Purpose to be showcased.

On both fronts – personal and Purpose, Ironman 70.3 Cebu was about learnings. I wanted to see if I can take my game to a higher level. On the Purpose side, it was to understand and absorb the atmosphere of an event at this scale. The pressures in August was less, then.

Last weekend, however, was different. I had to take what I had learned, and improve. And I had to take what I know about the event and do something good. I’m happy to write now that both had met my expectations.

On hindsight, I can also say those two parts aren’t the best, by strict measure. They can be improved (and they will improve, of course). But seeing that this is only my second 70.3 and the first time for Purpose to make an impact, I would say that the results were very pleasurable.

Considering that Purpose only released the first set of the complete triathlon suits and cycling kits in May of this year; 6 months old, and to see many triathletes wearing the kits left me the feeling of extreme gratification. Purpose will do better and go higher from here.

What made me happy

Being able to meet fellow triathletes, and get a chance to introduce Purpose to them. During the run-up, I had missed on the chance to get a booth at the expo. That loss didn’t leave me sore.

Thinking back now, I am rather glad that it went that way. Because what took place as a result was a small dinner get-together that Purpose hosted.

That dinner had mattered more. This allowed me to get to know those that are close to Purpose even better. It allowed me to bring Purpose to a human, not retail level which is what getting a booth at the expo will be.

If at all, if there’s one thing that we can do better, is for me to try and be able to reach out wider to those triathletes who has purchased Purpose at retail. I would love to reach out and thank them personally.

What made me happier

Completing the Ironman Langkawi 70.3. (The damn 70.3). Cebu was a travesty. It was my first, I was totally undertrained and I came to the show just wanting to show up. Basically, I took the swim, bike, run of Cebu too lightly. It was about taking the atmosphere in, and not putting myself out there. So I paid for it.

Coming into Langkawi, I was (a little bit more) better trained and prepared. There were mental barriers which had been checked off – namely the swim. Aiming to improve incrementally, I had set myself a target of 8 hours 30 minutes.

That’s the entire duration of the race itself and I’m glad I managed to finish in just below 8 hours. 35 minutes better than the goal set. With the right training plan, I am certain a 7-hour finish is doable in the next 70.3 or two.

What made me happiest

Surprisingly it wasn’t about the finish. What really made me happiest was when I saw a number of triathletes wearing Purpose triathlon suits and kits. There were expectations of course. Such as those that are sponsored by Purpose.

However what absolutely got me so delighted was seeing other Purpose on the course.Again, I wish there was something that I can give back to those have put faith in Purpose especially for a big event like this.

The 70.3 is not to be taken lightly thus to choose to wear Purpose; it must mean that we’ve made products that are up to par with the rest and most importantly, to the wearer’s expectations.

That makes me happiest. It is really a beautiful sight to see someone in a Purpose going and coming out of the water, riding or running ahead, or coming towards me.

Overall Ironman 70.3 Langkawi was a successful one. On both fronts for me and for Purpose. Thank you for reading down this far and thank you for supporting Purpose.


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